UPDATE: Looks like you have even more reason to use Pokemon Bank. The latest Pokemon X Y promotion lets gamers obtain Celebi as an event legendary! Prayers: answered.

Pokémon X and Y new legendaries are few and far between now that we've seen the Z Pokémon and hidden sixth generation trio. Though even still, we've seen some Pokémon X and Y new legendaries pop up here and there. Screenshots have made their way online of Celebi, Lugia and Kyruem. While the photos of Celebi, Lugia and Kyruem seem real, it's very likely someone hacked the three out of obscurity as opposed to naturally encountering them. While it's possible these Pokémon X and Y new reveals will be available in-game, we've yet to see any evidence suggesting the fact.

It appears that the three Pokémon were uncovered by the same hacker who brought us such great hits as Diancie, Hoopa and Volcanion and Mega Latios / Latias. The photos of Celebi, Lugia and Kyruem can be found on Smealum's site, so it's very likely Smea's the leaker of these three. Similar to Diancie, Hoopa and Volcanion, it's unclear how or when these Pokémon will be available -- if they're ever made available, that is. Now that we see Nintendo is able to send out updates to the game over the internet, it's possible they could release the pokes as downloadable content.

pokemon x y new legendary celebi Celebi (Photo: Imgur)

While the images of these Pokémon X and Y new legenadaries may give hope to fans of Celebi, Lugia and Kyurem, takes this with a grain of salt. Just because we've seen what the three Pokémon look like in-game does not necessarily mean they will be catchable in X and Y. In theory, every Pokémon ever created is stored somewhere in the game's memory -- whether or not they're obtainable makes all the difference. Though we have seen a few ways in which Pokémon X Y makes call backs to older titles. Pokémon X and Y new legendaries seem to be popping up all over the place lately. We just hope the next ones are available in-game.

Are you looking forward to possibly getting Celebi, Lugia or Kyurem? What Pokémon X and Y new legendaries do you want to see in the game? Let us know in the comments!

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