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Pokemon X and Y news today shows off leaked images of the fossil evolutions of Tyrunt and Amaura. Tyrantrum and Aurorus will bring dinosaurs back to the Kalos region (Photo: Pokemon Company)

Time for some Pokémon X and Y news all you trainers. Today brings us leaked Pokémon images of the fossil evolutions. Amaura will evolve into Aurorus and Tyrunt will become Tyrantrum. These Pokémon X and Y new reveals gives us a better idea of which fossil types we may want as part of our team. Aurorus seems to be a Pokémon styled after the brontosaur, while Tyrantrum continues to look like a tyrannosaurus rex. Pokémon X and Y new abilities come with the recently revealed evolutions as well.

Freeze Dry, a new attack belonging to the fossil Pokemon Aurorus, will be super effective against water types with the possibility of freezing foes. It seems the Pokémon X and Y new attack will be similar to Scald where, despite its water typing, has the ability to burn. Could Freeze Dry be among the rumored dual-type attacks we've been hearing about?

If dual-type Pokémon attacks do make their way to the series, it'll add to the numerous changes found in this game. We've seen the Pokémon Company add non-stop additions. Along with the usual new 'mons and an all new 3D look, we've got the new fairy Pokémon type, mega evolutions, the inclusion of gen 1 starters and rumors of still more to come. We just hope in the midst of all this Pokémon X and Y news that GameFreak still leaves enough surprises in-game for those concerned with spoilers.

pokemon x and y fossil Amaura (Photo: Pokemon Company)

What do you think of the Pokémon X and Y news? Looking forward to freezing out water types? Looking into an all dinosaur squad? Let us know in the comments!

[UPDATE 9.20.2013: The full official Pokémon artwork for Tyrantrum has been revealed! See it above!

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