There are a lot of Pokémon X and Y new pocket monsters that we run into when browsing the spoilers. We've seen starter evos and new megas and the occasional new gen 6'er. But no Pokémon X and Y new poke has caught our eye more than Klefki. There have been a lot of questionable new Pokémon designs over the years, but a keychain one? Whose idea was it to create a Pokémon based off a set of keys? We will say, though, that if the rumors of this Pokémon X and Y new 'mon is actually a Steel/Fairy type like the rumors suggest, we'll have no choice but to use it forever and always.

Pokémon X and Y new spoiler: Klefki

Pokemon x and y new spoiler klefki Pokemon unlocked: Klefki (Photo: Imgur)

While the Steel/Fairy typing would make Klefki very weak to Fighting type attacks, the amount of strengths and resistances that go along with it could make it worth it -- immunity to Poison attacks cuts out one of Fairy's main weaknesses. Being able to pummel Dragon with a set of keys is not something we can say we're used to, but we definitely don't mind.

pokemon x and y new spoiler klefki Klefki stat screen (Photo: Imgur)

Strictly in terms of aesthetics, however, the Pokémon X and Y new Steel/Fairy type is being poo-pooed on by many fans. There will always be someone who says the new designs aren't as good as the original 151 and they'll write off the new games because of it. To them, we point you to some gen 6 stand outs like Aurorus and Tyrantrum, as well as gen 1 duds like Voltorb and Muk (though we do appreciate GameFreak trying to bring awareness to the problem of pollution). Point being there's good and bad to each generation of new Pokémon. It's not our favorite of the new Pokémon from the 6th generation, but we think this might be the key to beating the folks around the iDigi office, if you catch our drift.

The key pun is a reference to Klefki.

What are your thoughts on the Pokémon X and Y new spoiler? Will you be adding Klefki to your team? Let us know in the comments!

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