pokemon x and y mega evolution latios latias Apparently there are more Pokémon X and Y mega evolutions to come. Latios and Latias will likely receive mega forms in the coming future (Photo: Smealum)

Pokémon X and Y mega evolutions are a pretty big addition to the newest games. And while we thought we knew all of the mega forms, it seems there are a couple hidden in the game. Mega Latios and Mega Latias are the latest to be uncovered by hacker Smealum. It isn't revealed how the new Pokémon X and Y mega evolutions will be unlocked, but according to Pokemonxandpokemony.com the new megas come with some interesting type and ability changes. Learn more about the Pokémon X and Y mega evolutions below!

Mini PSA: Don't forget to receive your complimentary Torchic by January 15! This event Pokémon comes with Speed Boost and Blazikenite. Along with a charm like no other, obviously.

The Pokémon blog reports Mega Latios will remain a Dragon / Psychic type but will gain the ability Adaptability. With Adaptability, Mega Latios will receive double attack power when it comes to same type attack bonus (STAB) rather than just 1.5x. Pretty good Pokémon X and Y mega evolution ability if you ask us. As for Mega Latias, the legendary receives a type change with Dragon / Fairy as well as a new ability. Multiscale allows Mega Latias to receive half damage from attacks when it has full HP. Coupled with the fact that Latias can learn Recover and / or Roost, this Dragon becomes a pretty formidable tank, should you choose to use it that way.

While we have ample footage of Mega Latios in action, Smealum doesn't seem to have any Mega Latias screens to offer up. Though the fact that we see pics of Mega Latios should be enough to confirm the existence of Latias receiving a Pokémon X and Y mega evolution. We know GameFreak plays favorites amongst the gen 1 starters but we doubt they'd do the same for Latios and Latias. It hasn't been mentioned when Latios and Latias will be made available, but we hope it goes along with some kind of announcement of a generation 3 Ruby and Sapphire remake. We'll have our fingers crossed.

Are you excited for these new Pokémon X and Y mega evolutions? Will you be using Mega Latios and Latias when they are finally released? Let us know in the comments!

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