Pokémon X and Y is home to many new changes including the game-changing mega evolution. For the first time, Pokémon are able to evolve past their third form to become even stronger. With this addition added in Pokémon X and Y, certain pokes get stronger stats, new abilities and at times new types. Ampharos, for example, becomes a Dragon type when transforming into Mega Ampharos. While many Pokémon have access to these great evolutions, they mean nothing without the appropriate mega stone. See where to get each and every Pokémon X and Y mega stone below!

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Before the Elite Four

-Abomasite for Mega Abomasnow

Upon saving Abomasnow (not to be confused with Obama snow) in Frost Cavern, the giant Pokémon will reward you with Abomasite. Finally, a form change we can believe in.

-Garchompite for Mega Garchomp

While traveling through Victory Road, you'll be able to find Garchompite near a small tower closer to the end. The tower will be located behind a wall that can be Rock Smashed.

-Lucarionite for Mega Lucario

You'll get this automatically from Korrina, the third gym leader upon defeating the Tower of Mastery.

-Bonus Stone: Lumiose City Stone Emporium, where you can buy a first gen starter Mega stone in Lumiose City. Gamers are able to buy one from the Stone Emporium, found on Vernal Avenue. The old man will sell you the mega stone to the starter yours is weak too (i.e.: if you chose Bulbasaur, you can buy Charizard's mega stone) for ¥1,000,000. It's possible to drive the cost down to as low as ¥10,000 by being more stylish. For those of you that aren't cool enough or lacking in swagger, internet to the rescue. Just be careful where you save in Lumiose City! Nintendo still hasn't sent out their patch to Pokémon X and Y.

-Double Bonus: Blazikenite comes with the downloadable event Torchic (with speed boost!). Don't forget to get your third Pokémon X and Y starter people!

pokemon x y mega evolution list guide (Photo: Pokémon Company)

After the Elite Four (But only between 8 and 9pm. Don't ask why, you'll see)

-Absolite for Mega Absol

Absolite will be received after defeating your rival in Kiloud City.

-Aerodactylite for Mega Aerodactyl

One of the scientists towards the right in Ambrette Town Fossil Lab gives you Aerodactylite.

-Aggronite for Mega Aggron

In Pokémon Y only (bummer), the mega stone for Aggron can be found in the Cyllage Gym. Go right and climb the first wall, then climb the next wall on the right. Around the corner on the ground is your prize.

-Alakazite for Mega Alakazam

Alakazam's mega stone can be found on B3F of Reflecting Cave, no magic necessary.

-Ampharosite for Mega Ampharos

Mega Ampharos can be obtained from the old man standing next to the fisherman near Azure Bay. The island can be found south of the Sea Spirits Den entrance.

-Banettite for Mega Banette

The Chamber of Emptiness has at least one thing in it.

-Gardevoirite for Mega Gardevoir

Gardevoirite can be had by trading any poke with Diantha in Lumiose, Cafe Soleil specifically.

-Gengarite for Mega Gengar

A woman with black hair in Lavarre City will grant you Gengarite.

-Gyaradosite for Mega Gyarados

In the southeastern section of Couriway Town, in the middle of three waterfalls is Gyaradosite.

-Heracronite for Mega Heracross

Another Pokémon Y exclusive, Heracross's mega stone can be found in a tall patch of grass in Santalune Forest, nearby the route 2 exit.

-Houndoomite for Mega Houndoom

The Y exclusive stone is in route 16 nearby the two skaters around the rock formation. The mega stone can be found near the southern side.

-Kangaskhanite for Mega Kangaskhan

Kangaskhan's mega stone is located in Glittering Cave. After the first right, keep going straight. Enjoy attacking twice a turn.

-Manectite for Mega Manectric

Manectric can mega evolve once you get the stone (only found in X) located in Route 16. The two skaters skating around the rock formation will be your clue. Look on the ground near the southern side.

-Mawilite for Mega Mawile

Shabboneau Castle, take a left and go up the stairs. Boom, Mawilite.

-Medicahnite for Mega Medicham

Medicham's stone can be found in Lavarre City by the well.

-Mewtwonite(X/Y) for Mega Mewtwo

Mewtwonite X or Y (depending on which game you have) can be found in Unknown Dungeon in the Pokémon Village. Upon catching the legendary Mew clone you'll pick up Mewtwo's mega stone. We slightly prefer the Y version though the Psychic/Fighting typing of X isn't to be messed with.

-Pinsirite for Mega Pinsir

Only in Pokémon X, Pinsir's mega stone is in a patch of tall grass in Santalune Forest. Nearby the Route 2 exit.

-Scizorite for Mega Scizor

Right behind the Obamasnow Abomasnow in Frost Cavern is Scizor's mega stone.

-Tyranitarite for Mega Tyranitar

Only found in Pokémon X, Tyranitarite can be had by going to the Cyllage Gym. The same exact place as Aggron's.

Will you be collecting all the mega evolutions in Pokémon X and Y? Which are your favorites? Let us know in the comments!

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