Pokémon X and Y DLC? You don't need no stinkin' Pokémon X and Y DLC! That's the official word from Nintendo: the first modern Pokémon game, the first in the era of Nintendo having enough infrastructure to offer DLC if it so chooses, will not offer any downloadable content for Pokémon X and Y, now or in the future. And the truth is, that's almost certainly good news, and was a very deliberate choice on the Pokémon team's part.

It's true: there won't ever be Pokémon X and Y DLC. That's the official word from none other than Junichi Masuda, the creator and executive director of the series. He spoke to VG247 on the eve of the Pokémon X and Y release date and revealed his reasoning:

In terms of DLC specifically, I don't know what shape DLC can take in the future. But at the moment I don't feel it's a safe enough mode - so to speak - appropriate for Pokémon.


There's no download content or microtransaction content developed specifically for Pokémon X and Y. We've not come up with any ideas on that yet. I like the idea that Pokémon can be enjoyed with just one piece of software. You buy the game and it can be enjoyed just with that one software that you buy. That's a key point for Game Freak.

There ya go: that's the official word. It's too important to Game Freak that Pokémon feel like a complete package, so they won't fracture the userbase with Pokémon X and Y DLC. So don't expect a $10 Legendary Pokémon pack to show up on the Nintendo eShop anytime soon - because how sleazy would that be? And that's the rub: it's hard to imagine Pokémon doing DLC in a fair way that would also be profitable. But perhaps they'll come out with new ideas for the next set of games.

Now, let's make a distinction here: Pokémon X and Y DLC isn't a thing in terms of paid content. But, since last gen, the series has gotten pretty good about simply giving stuff away now and then. They tend to distribute things like an over-powered Deoxys or a Dragonite with its Hidden Ability or even the Mystery Gift Torchic that Pokémon X and Y players can get right now.

And we get other kinds of Pokémon X and Y DLC too, namely patches and that sort of thing. Not to mention the Pokémon Bank, which actually is paid content, but not DLC. If you can figure out what Pokémon Bank is actually for, then go for it; for the rest of us, it's a bit obscure, but it's the closest thing we're going to get this generation.

So look at it this way: sure, there won't be Pokémon X and Y DLC, but that means you don't have to pay to catch 'em all.