Yeah, the Pokémon Bank release date is tomorrow and we could not be more ready! Except not because apparently Nintendo has postponed the service. The Pokémon Bank release date already hit in Japan and the service has seen many server issues since launch. Nintendo has always had troubles with the internets, Pokémon X and Y troubles or otherwise, but the real life version of PC storage system being down is bad news bears. We figured Ninty would account for numerous people using the service -- between current owners and new ones after Christmas -- by the Pokémon Bank release date. Though we do appreciate them slowing their roll and improving the servers before Pokémon Bank launches elsewhere.

Once the Pokémon Bank release date is upon us, X and Y fans can download the game from the Nintendo eShop. The official note from Nintendo doesn't say when the service can expect to be back online and reach our shores. Though hopefully soon -- we have coworkers to obliterate in battle.

Pokémon Bank Release Date Postponed

The Pokémon Bank release date has been pushed back but when it does finally hit we can look forward to more than just a new way to store our Pokémon. As a bonus, Pokémon X and Y players that make use of Bank will be able to receive a complimentary Celebi prior to September 30, 2014. Being well after the Pokémon Bank release date, players should have more than enough time to claim their time-travelling prize. The level 10 Celebi may not be anything crazy compared to the shiny level 100 Dialga, Palkia and Giratina offered way back when, but we'll certainly take it.

While Pokémon Bank was at first thought to be the be all and end all way to prevent trainers with hacked pokes to stop cheating, it looks like some have found ways around that. Many thought Bank would stop artificially created pokes from making their way into XY, but now they're here. Just mess in' up everyone's fun. It's unclear whether Nintendo is also taking some time before the Pokémon Bank release date launch to deal with all the hacked 'mons. Until then, it seems like someone better deposit some justice into the Pokémon Bank.

[UPDATE] According to Redditor Peanut_butter_baby (oh, user names), Pokémon Bank is now back on the Japanese store, even if you aren't able to download it. As for the US side of the Nintendo eShop, the PokéBank software appears but, similar to the Japan, isn't available for download. We hope this changes soon.

Were you part of the japanese Pokémon Bank release date? What did you think of the service? Let us know in the comments!

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