Alfie Deyes, one of the UK's most beloved vloggers with nearly three million subscribers, has written his first book, titled "The Pointless Book." The book's expected release date is September 1st for the United States and September 4th in the United Kingdom.

Kicking off the announcement in the style expected of a vlogger, Alfie announced the results of his "Pointless Project" in a video:

The video was followed with a massively successful twitter campaign under #ThePointlessBook, which trended worldwide for much of Friday, prompting a wave of pre-orders and love from his dedicated followers.

So what's the book about? In line with the character of his popular YouTube channel, "The Pointless Book" is full of ideas for pointless activities, things to do, and Alfie's well-known challenges. The text on the back of the book mentions activities like "drawing a selfie to baking a cake in a mug, road trip games to the people watching challenge and even an in-book time capsule."

Those familiar with Alfie's signature blend of hanging with friends, outrageous but simple challenges, and laughing a lot, probably know what to expect from the book. But for people who have never heard of Alfie or PointlessBlog, it might be a little harder to grasp. Here's some of his video highlights that give you a sense of Alfie Deyes and what he's all about.

Pointless Blog Highlights

Alfie began recording videos to YouTube five years ago, but it took quite a while to refine exactly what his channel is about. His first video is largely a rant about another YouTube star. He has often gone back and reflected on past videos and how much he's grown as a person and a personality since:

To an older person used to traditional modes of celebrity, Alfie's massive following and ability to manipulate world-spanning social networks like Twitter may seem baffling. But for tweens and teens it's an expected part of the media landscape. YouTube stars have become a significant factor in their media consumption, which is being reflected in increasing mainstream crossover, such as in the following video, where Ariana Grande does Alfie's makeup:

Alfie Deyes' has had a remarkable career so far, going from a kid talking into his webcam to a multiple Guinness World Record holder and frequent collaborator with other YouTube stars. The publication of his first book, The Pointless Book, is the natural extension of a new media star reaching out through more traditional media formats. There's no doubt that, for Alfie Deyes, The Pointless Book is just the beginning.