If new sources are to be believed, Sony just couldn't quite keep the PlayStation 4 release date window and launch pricing a secret any longer, despite the fact that we're less than 24 hours away from the "PlayStation Meeting" which many believe will be used as the launching point for Sony's next console.

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An anonymous source tells Kotaku that the PlayStation 4 release date will be coming sometime during November 2013, and that Sony plans to release a $429 model and $529 model of the next PlayStation. While it would typically be easy to shrug off such speculation on the eve of the PlayStation 4 unveiling, Kotaku's source also sent over two new photos of the redesigned PlayStation 4 controller that was revealed last week.

Unfortunately, there's no word on what would separate each version of the PlayStation 4, though our money is definitely on an upgrade internal hard drive as was the case when the PlayStation 3 launched back in 2006. It's also possible that Sony could be planning to release one or more PlayStation 4 bundles with extra controllers, rumored launch games, etc. to justify the $100 price difference.

The pricing reports aren't far from the figures included in a recent Times article that the UK PlayStation 4 release date price will be approximately £300 ($463), and a prior report claiming the Japanese PlayStation 4 release date price will be in the 40,000 yen ($428) ballpark.

A possible name for the previously rumored PlayStation 3 game streaming service that will allegedly be offered to PlayStation 4 owners via PSN, with Joystiq reporting that Sony's Gaikai subsidiary recently registered a series of "PlayStation Cloud" related domains. It's far from solid confirmation of an impending reveal, but the increasing number of leaks and speculation suggests a major Sony announcement regarding the future of Gaikai could be coming sooner rather than later.

Sony is widely expected to reveal the PlayStation 4 (release date if we're lucky) in New York City on Wednesday, and a live stream of the festivities is scheduled to begin at 6:00pm EST. It's also suspected that the company will use the upcoming "Destination PlayStation" event to spotlight the PlayStation 4 as well; however, Sony has not announced the console's presence at the three-day event at this time.

Update: Eurogamer also reports that Sony will introduce a subscription model for the PSN similar to that of Xbox Live, with most online functions requiring a paid subscription to access, and subscribers also being given access to their PS4 via smartphone. Pricing for the new PSN subscription(s) is not known at this time.

If you still haven't had a chance, check out the PlayStation 4 teaser trailer released by Sony:

What are you hoping to see/hear when Sony officially announces the PlayStation 4 in New York City on Wednesday?

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