A giant "Tetris" game on the side of the 29-story Cira Centre building in Philadelphia will kick off the fourth annual Philly Tech Week in April. Tetris fans who want to take the controls need to enter the Cira Centre Tetris lottery here for a chance to win one of 150 (or so) slots to play, CBS Philly reported. The winners will be announced at the kickoff event "Arcade at the Oval" on Friday, April 4. But everyone at the event will be able to witness the towering game of Tetris.

The Tetris opening event is a follow up to last year's record-breaking "Pong" game, which was recognized as a Guinness World Record Record for the "Largest Architectural Video Game Display". But this year's event will be even bigger, as the game will take up not one but two opposite sides of the building. Players will be situated at Eakins Oval, on the north side of the building and compete against players on the south side. In addition, the players will playing a cooperative version of the game where one player controls the lateral movement, left and right, while the other controls rotation.

"My goal for creating Pong on the Cira Centre last year, was for people in Philadelphia to have a unique, shared experience," Frank Lee, founder of Drexel University's Entrepreneurial Game Studio, which created the large-scale Tetris and Pong events, said in a press release. "It wasn't just for the several hundred people who got to play, but thousands of others -- from people walking along Schuylkill River to people driving on I-76, for those couple of hours, we were all sharing in that experience. One regret I had was that we only used one side of the building. So it was only visible to half of the city." But with this year's two-sided Tetris game, even more people will be able to enjoy the giant Tetris game.

The Tetris event is part of the festival of gaming Arcade at the Oval that kicks off Philly Tech Week 2014. Attendees will also be able to play other classic arcade games, visit 10 different local food trucks and take in live performances while watching the giant game of Tetris. Philly Tech Week runs from April 4 to 12 and includes 100 events, gatherings and more to celebrate technology and innovation in Philadelphia.

Watch recap of Philly Tech Week 2013 with world's largest Pong game on the side of a skyscraper:


Will you be entering for your chance to take part in the world's largest Tetris game? Let us know in the comments.