Careful readers will recall that David Thorpe, writer and internet prankster, engineered an effort to send popular entertainer Pitbull to a Walmart in Kodiak, Alaska. What at first seemed like a publicity stunt gone wrong seems now like a charming, heartwarming event in the frozen north.

Originally, Sheets Energy Strips announced that they would send Pitbull to the Walmart with the most "Likes" on Facebook. Once Thorpe and his compatriots at Something Awful got wind of the event, they quickly hijacked it and began frantically liking Walmart #271 in Kodiak. The entire effort has rallied on Twitter around the hashtag #exilepitbull

In a surprising move, Pitbull not only graciously accepted the opportunity to visit Kodiak but invited Thorpe along for the ride. "I've always wanted to go to Alaska," said Thorpe, speaking to Buzzfeed last week. "I'm glad I'l get to do it under the strangest imaginable circumstances."

That trip finally took place today, with Thorpe Tweeting all the while. The event seemed pretty straightforward, and went off without incident. Interestingly. Pitbull seems to have taken the entire event in stride and with astonishing good humor.

The following Tweet is easily the funniest, and most fascinating of the entire event.

For those that have not been carefully following Pitbull's movements over the past few weeks, here's his video announcing the trip to Kodiak.