Police brutality in Philadelphia is nothing new as reports of it occurring rise up on a weekly basis, but during this past weekend's Puerto Rican Day Parade, another case of police brutality occurred, which thankfully was published on YouTube for the world to see.

Philadelphia celebrated not only Puerto Rican heritage, but Latino heritage as well yesterday as their Puerto Rican Day Parade welcomed over 1,500 participants, including the parade's host Daisy Maria Martinez, who hosts "Viva Daisy!" on the Food Network.

Instead of the parade being a cause for celebration, it's now just another case of a police officer brutally attacking a parade attendant. The video was captured by Gisela Valentin and shows a woman being assaulted by a police officer after he assumes she emptied her water bottle at him, which when watching the video, is obvious she had nothing to do with it.

The video also shows the police officer immediately arresting the woman after sucker-punching her and escorts her away from the scene. As the woman is being escorted away, she turns her head to look back to speak to the officer, which shows she has a bloody nose.

This case of police brutality is completely and utterly disgusting as the police officer certainly overreacted to being lightly doused with some water. Instead of punching the nearest person who looks guilty to him, he maybe should have looked around to see who was looking in his direction with an empty water bottle in their hand.

As of now, it is unknown who the woman or the police officer were in this video, but as soon as that information is released, we'll be sure to update this article. Until then, be sure to tell the Philadelphia Police Department exactly how you feel through their online feedback system.