Persona 5 debuts in Japan later this week, and Atlus has warned fans it will remove any spoilers about the game from social media platforms.

Speaking through the game’s Velvet Room guardians, Justine and Caroline, Atlus cautioned gamers against sharing information about events beyond the introductory scenes previously made public in promotional materials. A video showing the unboxing of the Japanese 20th Anniversary Edition of the game has already been removed from YouTube.

atlus warning Atlus' spoiler warning about 'Persona 5' Atlus / Persona Central

Persona Central offers the following translation of the above image:

Justine (left): “For Persona 5, please refrain from posting footage on video sharing websites past the game’s opening. Many customers are looking forward to the game, and the Velvet Room residents will not hesitate to severely punish those who post spoiler videos.”

Caroline (right): “It’s not a story from the game? That’s because it’s a story in real life! If you post spoilers… you really are a ‘prisoner!’”

Below the character dialogue, the following statement from Atlus appears (boldface in original):

“For Persona 5, exercise self-restraint when it comes to sharing story spoilers on video sharing websites, live streaming sites and social media like Twitter. Be respectful to everyone, thank you. Additionally, any video published before the game’s launch will be firmly removed in its entirety. So that many users may enjoy the game, thank you for your understanding and cooperation.”

At this time, it is not clear how long (or how aggressively) Atlus will enforce this policy. The company issued similar statements prior to the release of its two most recent Persona 4 spinoffs, Arena Ultimax and Dancing All Night

Persona 5 hits stores in Japan Sept. 15, and is already drawing strong reviews. The game debuts in North America and Europe on Feb. 14, 2017. Gotta have more Persona in the meantime? Check out our rundown of everything we know about the Phantom Thieves.

Are you concerned about avoiding Persona 5 spoilers? Or would you enjoy knowing key details about the story before playing the game? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!