In what's hopefully not a harbinger of things to come, "PBS NewsHour," the public television nightly newscast, will be closing up shop at its Denver and San Francisco offices.

The restructuring, which will be effective July 1, was announced in a memo on Monday from Linda Wilson, the executive producer of the "NewsHour," and Boisfeuillet Jones, the chief executive of MacNeil/Lehrer Productions.

Once executed, the layoffs will end up cutting 10 production, technical and administrative jobs in Denver and three full-time positions in San Francisco.

Additionally, Washington, D.C. will feel the brunt, too, as numerable production positions are to be trimmed in their offices there.

The reasoning behind the cuts, according to the statement, were due to "a steady drop in corporate revenue," among other things.

"These steps come after more than a year reviewing how the NewsHour functions and how to take advantage of opportunities presented by new technologies," the memo claimed.

"We believe the staff restructuring and production changes, along with continuing web investment, will make us stronger and enable us to be more effective and nimble."

Earlier this year, public television employees told the "New York Times" that the production company was looking at "a shortfall of up to $7 million, a quarter of its $28 million overall budget, in the fiscal year that ends this month."

The news comes at a time when technology is powerfully dominant and media outlets are transitioning over to other avenues. Just last week the "Chicago Sun-Times" laid off its entire photography staff, all 28 of them. Even print continues to struggle, as 79-year-old news magazine Newsweek ceased publication last year, in the U.S. anyway, with December 31, 2012 their last printing date.

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