More than a year after the first game arrived on Steam, Overkill has announced "Payday 2" , revealing tons of new information and a slew of videos showing the upcoming shooter in action before it's released as a digital download sometime during Summer 2013.

New reports from VG24/7 and CVG have revealed treasure troves of information on "Payday 2", the sequel to the cooperative October 2011 bank heist shooter which was widely praised, even if the original "Payday" was a little light when it comes to content. The formula won't be changing much, with up to four players working together to make off with the other people's valuables, but Overkill is promising loads more content with the release of "Payday 2" this summer. For starters, "Payday 2" will be shipping with approximately five times as many maps as its predecessor, roughly 30 compared to the six found in the original "Payday".

Players will also have their choice of four different classes (called "Professions") when playing "Payday 2", with each build meant to facilitate a particularly style of thievery, and between-mission shopping opportunities will allow for additional tweaking of heist styles and strategies. The latest "Payday" will also introduce CRIMENET, a contract database which will tie the game's roughly 30 missions into a more cohesive campaign, complete with clients like Vlad the Ukrainian or politician known only as "The Elephant".

Players who choose to be an Enforcer will find that they have access to heavier weapons than their friends, along with the ability to absorb more punishment before succumbing to their wounds during a heist. Technicians will offer support via sentry guns and faster/quieter drills for breaking into vaults and other secure areas. Masterminds will be able to exert their will on nearby NPCs, convincing civilians to help out when they're injured or talking a guard into turning on his allies. There will even be a Ghost class, for those who prefer a more stealthy approach to their theft, which can silently take out enemies and CCTV cameras.

Those who finish their heists will also be rewarded with a variety of new loot, including "tens of thousands" of new masks along with new guns, weapon modifications, clothing and more. A new skill progression system has also been introduced alongside the "Payday 2" Profession system.

Check out the first "Payday 2" game play trailer, along with a closer look at jewelry store heist and the game's "Watchdogs" mission:

"Payday 2" is currently scheduled for a Summer 2013 release date on the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360; however, there don't appear to be any plans to release "Payday 2" on the Wii U, PlayStation 4, or Xbox 720 at this time. Be sure to check back with and follow Scott on Twitter for all the latest on "Payday 2" as game development continues.