After producing more than a dozen free updates for Payday 2, Overkill Software is finally ready to unleash the first round of paid downloadable content for their heist shooter, and the studio is probably planning to release the Payday 2: Armored Transport DLC much sooner than you'd expect.

It's only been about a week since Payday 2's Halloween event introduced a terrifying new class of Bulldozer -- for those masochists who've been complaining about the (lack of) difficulty on "Overkill" jobs --and it looks like we'll only be waiting a couple more days for new content. According to Overkill, the Payday 2: Armored Transport DLC will be released on Nov. 14, and be available free-of-charge to anyone that preordered a copy of Payday 2 prior to the game's late August debut.

Payday 2 Payday 2 (PHOTO: Overkill Software)

Just as the name implies, the Payday 2 Armored Transport DLC will introduce five one-day missions that see the Wolfpack looking to take down sets of armored vehicles with yet-to-be-revealed cargo. In addition to the new heists, Overkill will use the Armored Transport DLC to introduce new weapons and gear to the shooter. Unfortunately, the studio says that details on Payday 2 players' new toys won't be available until sometime on Thursday, but at least we get a bit of a sneak peek in the interim.

[UPDATE] Here's a bit more information on the Payday 2: Armored Transport DLC (via AllGamesBeta):

• - News Heists Spread Over Six Locations - Players now have two new heists that take place over six different locations. Gamers hit the armored transports downtown, in parks, underpasses, crossroads and in the harbor area of D.C. If the player is lucky, the robberies will lead to an even bigger reward -a train robbery to secure a valuable military prototype.

• - Three New Weapons Of Choice - Players can now enjoy three new weapons of mass heisting. For the stealth artist we have the charming Gruber Kurz pistol, Tanks will enjoy the agile Commando 553 Assault rifle and only a lunatic could love the classic Swedish K SMG. Together with over a dozen new weapon modifications, everyone will have something to play with.

• - Four New Masks, Patterns and Materials - Four new masks have been added to the game, themed around four very famous American presidents. Combined with the all-new American themed patterns and materials, players will be able to cook up some pretty awesome looking mask designs. Bodhi would be proud.

Unfortunately, though Overkill does still plan to introduce a female character to Payday 2 at some point in the future, players shouldn't expect to meet Greta the Assassin (in-game) when the Payday 2: Armored Transport DLC goes live on Thursday. In an interview with OXM , Payday 2 game director David Goldfarb said the amount of work needed to add a female character to the game -- including new motion capture sessions and creation of new character animations -- would take too much time for the studio to include the gang's fifth member with the Armored Transport DLC.

For a short preview of what to expect from the Payday 2: Armored Transport DLC, check out the launch trailer released by Overkill Software:

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Are you one of the thousands of PC gamers still playing Payday 2 on a regular basis? Disappointed with the Payday 2: Armored Transport content that's been revealed thus far? Have an idea for a heist you'd like to see in a future Payday 2 expansion?

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