When Mitt Romney, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, announced that he'd be running alongside Congressman Paul Ryan, the two politician's campaigns were forced to iron out several differences of opinion that they had on a variety of political issues.

As the two worked to resolve issues between their political stances, they've also been forced to iron out issues with their social media campaigns. For Paul Ryan, that meant ditching his old Facebook page that he used to run for Congress and starting a new Facebook page to use as a vice presidential candidate. The GOP vice presidential candidates' latest social media effort has been incredibly successful, garnering nearly 2 million fans on Facebook. Paul Ryan took to Facebook to thank all of his fans on Tuesday.

"Hey, everybody. Thanks for following us on Facebook," says Ryan. "I'm out here on the road, talking to Americans across the country about how we get the country back on track. I'm excited about sharing Mitt Romney's vision for a stronger middle class, getting jobs and the economy growing again, strong national defense, showing our country a better future," says Paul Ryan.

"This is exciting. It's energizing. The crowds are incredible. People are giving us their well wishes, they're giving us their blessings, their prayers. It's great to see. And I'm really excited about going to the convention, so we can share with the country a vision for a better future [and] giving the country an alternative to President Obama's failed leadership. We're excited about it, and I want to thank you for following us on Facebook. With your help, we're going to turn this country around and get it back on the right track," he adds.

Ryan made an interesting choice by using Tout, a video microblogging service, rather than using more popular video hosting sites such as YouTube or Facebook video. Tout is probably most recognized by followers of Shaquille O'Neal's Twitter account, where he regularly posts videos of himself including an announcement of his retirement.

Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan has had incredible success garnering support on Facebook and Twitter. He currently has about six times as many Facebook fans as Vice President Joe Biden. VP candidate Paul Ryan was also the most talked about politician after Romney announced that they'd be joining tickets.