ParkMe, Google Maps and Android have finally joined forces. The new ParkMe application announced this week that its award-winning parking app has officially launched on the Android platform. The ParkMe Android app has also been designed for the new Google Maps API with updated interface and colors.

ParkMe shows parking rates, hours of operation, payment types and real-time occupancy information for off-street parking lots. Users can access the app via GPS and in-car navigation systems,, online widgets, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and now through Android apps. Founded by Sam Friedman and Alex Israel, ParkMe's goal is to make parking a less distressing and financially draining endeavor, according to a company press release.

The startup company, based in Santa Monica, Calif., started out on the Web and has been making big strides towards mobile apps, according to TechCrunch. ParkMe is available in 28,000 locations, 1,800 cities and 32 countries. With several features available to them to make parking speedier and stress-free, drivers all around the world can rejoice. Say bon voyage to white knuckling the wheel in a fight-to-the-death for the last parking spot in a $20 per hour parking lot miles away from your destination.

'This is a monumental step forward in the expansion of our company,' said Sam Friedman , CEO and co-founder. 'ParkMe is solving what is arguably one of life's most frustrating experiences and with our expansion on Android, more drivers than ever will be equipped to save time and money, and instantly determine the best parking spot option available nearby.'

Three Features of ParkMe promise an essentially mindless parking experience:

  1. Faster: Real-time occupancy information lets you know the best locations to search for parking so you no longer have to drive around aimlessly praying to the parking gods for an empty space. The app shows you the percentage "full" and the total amount of spaces in the structure.
  2. Cheaper: Parking rates and payment types information allows you to choose parking based on prices. The app includes hourly, half-hourly, daily max, evening and tax rates information.
  3. Easier: By giving a pin drop for the parking location, you don't have to worry about memorizing addresses and directions to and from your car. The app also includes hours of operation, which will reduce your chances of showing up after-hours to an empty space only to discover your car was towed while you were gone.

The free app recently landed in the top 10 of free navigation apps in the iTunes App Store.

Here is a video of co-founder Sam Friedman discussing the new ParkMe app: