Park Ave bomb? Suspicious suitcases on Park Avenue and 55th puts NY on terrorist attack alert following the Boston Marathon explosions. Read on for photos from the Park Ave bomb threat.

Is the Park Ave bomb threat real? There's little to report aside from a number of photos taken at the scene where the suspicious suitcases were found on Park Avenue and 55th street in Midtown NYC. However, the city and the entire country are still on high alert following the terrorist explosions that marred the Boston Marathon this Monday. The perpetrators are still unidentified.

We'll continue to update the Park Ave bomb story as details are released. For now, here are Twitter reactions from the scene where the suspicious packaged were found and the NYC bomb squad was called in:

"#parkave suspicious package. #nypd bomb squad on the scene. Godspeed," tweeted B Minus Blogs ‏@BMinusBlogs.

"Photo: #Newyork MariaPiccolino: Police blocking off 53-55 on Park Ave Apr 17, 2013," tweeted Andrea Sveva Karshan ‏@andreakarshan.

"Anyone know why the police have closed park ave between 52nd and 54th? #nyc," tweeted John Terrill ‏@youbetyourballs.

"Bomb squad on Park Ave," tweeted Sarah True ‏@sarahbtrue.

"This was happening on Park Ave between 53rd and 54th...cops have the area now closed off," tweeted Daniel Bello ‏@dbello32.

"lovely, a potential suitcase bomb in front of our building. Cops/bomb squad halting traffic on park ave," tweeted Casey ‏@_caseface.

"#NYC black package called in on Park Ave around 53rd. Everything is blocked," tweeted janet cadsawan ‏@janetcadsawan.

"Grid lock in midtown. Park Ave. closed off between 52nd and 53rd St. Evacuated office workers say reports of a 'suspicious package,'" tweeted Scott Rapoport ‏@ScottRapoport.

"Anyone know what is going on in midtown right now? Park Ave shut down bt 52nd and 53rd. Helicopter, firetrucks and police all over the place," tweeted Patrick Fisher ‏@BigFishsticks.

"I assume the reason 53rd and Park Ave is blocked is due to a bomb threat. Can anyone confirm this? #nyc #parkavenue #bombthreat," tweeted John Terrill ‏@youbetyourballs.