Another post about PSY's "Gangnam Style?" That's right as we here at the iDigital Times office can't go a week, sometimes even a day, without coming across PSY's latest and greatest K-POP song. This time, The Oregon Duck has caught the "Gangnam Style" fever.

As the description on the video says, apparently The Duck was bored at the end of summer, which lead him to direct and star in his own parody video of "Gangnam Style." He also has the help of Oregon Cheer, fellow mascots "Cheer" and "Sluggo," and the video at one point even stars a watermelon, although his appearance went as quickly as it came.

The parody video was completely shot with an iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S, which goes to show what great cameras both phones have on them, although we're hoping amateur videos such as this one will look even better once the iPhone 5 comes around later this month.

One aspect of the video I was puzzled by was the omission of the phrase "Sexy Lady" from the song. For some reason, the word "sexy" was censored each time it came up. I'm not sure why The Oregon Duck decided to censor that word in its video since when we think of college cheerleaders, the last thing we think of is "sexy."