The "Orange is the New Black" season 2 premiere date is predicted to return to Netflix around spring 2014. While the second season release has been based purely around speculation, what's evident is that it is going to do more than just deliver. The tightlipped cast may remain mum on "Orange is the New Black" spoilers, but what they do reveal is that fans will not be disappointed. Actor Jason Biggs, who stars as Piper's fiancé Larry, told E! that "season two is going to be just as good if not better than the first."

Jason Biggs also dished details on what viewers can expect from Larry in "Orange is the New Black" season 2. Last we saw of the bitter-hearted journalist, he called off his engagement to Piper. Biggs still has a role in season 2, seeing as both he and Taylor Schilling have teased behind-the-scenes photos of him during production. What can we anticipate from bitter Larry Bloom?

"[Larry] wants to support Piper. In the beginning, ostensibly, he's going to do everything he can to support Piper, but ultimately he realizes that he's kind of a victim in all of it and he needs to take care of himself as well, but to what extreme, and how far should he take that exactly? Ultimately, he ends up taking advantage of Piper and the situation she's in, and becomes a little greedy and a little questionable."

"Orange is the New Black" season 2 will also be characterized by a deeper insight into inmates aside from Piper. Rather than a Chapman-centric storyline, the cast has revealed fans will be seeing more of her Litchfield counterparts. Dascha Polanco (Dayanara Diaz) told WetPaint that the characters will "venture out more," adding, "I think we're going to get more interactions amongst more of the women in prison."

"Orange is the New Black" season 2 production is still in full swing, though hopefully coming to wrap soon so anxious fans can get an inkling for the TBD premiere date. Danielle Brooks posted photos and videos this week revealing a snowy set for the Litchfield inmates.

The "Orange is the New Black" season 2 premiere date may be a mystery, but co-executive producer Sarah Hess teased a photo on Twitter of a potential timeline for second season shooting. So, if we want to speculate when the prison series will finish filming based on what looks like a container of cheese puffs, viewers can expect the show to wrap in January. Again, this is based off of a Tupperware of snacks. But still. Check back for less cheesy updates regarding the "OITNB" season 2 release, spoilers and other like musings.