The "Orange is the New Black" season 2 premiere date has yet to be announced, but that doesn't mean that hints haven't been dropped. Most recently, actress Lea DeLaria (Big Boo) dished some details on the sophomore season of the prison series. Amid the "OITNB" spoilers, DeLaria also revealed when viewers might expect the show to return to Netflix. After some careful calculations, it seems fans can anticipate an early to mid-2014 release.

Lea DeLaria addressed fan eagerness in an interview with Broadway World. She revealed that "Orange is the New Black" is on a nine-day filming schedule and that it should take six months to film a season of the show. Since "Orange is the New Black" season 2 production began in July, that would mean the show would wrap up around December. Since the Netflix original will roll out all the episodes at once, editing will take quite a bit of time. This would mean a mid-2014 "Orange is the New Black" season 2 premiere date is most likely.

"Orange is the New Black" season 2 spoilers were also teased during DeLaria's Q&A. Well, kind of. It seems with these Netflix original series, the showrunners are running a tight ship making sure cast aren't spilling any future storylines. Really, all DeLaria revealed about the upcoming "OITNB" season is that "no one is going to be disappointed. It's so, so, so good." This seems to be the unanimous response from the cast: "OITNB" season 2 will more than meet the hype.

"Big Boo" even touched on the phenomenon that is binge-watching. Netflix rolls out its original TV shows in full season doses, allowing for viewers to watch all of the episodes in one sitting. Lea DeLaria weighs in on her viewpoint on the Netflix strategy.

"Anybody that thinks it's a weird idea or something needs to look at the numbers, because obviously it worked. So, I don't think I need to make any comment on Netflix's business plan because obviously they really know what they are doing. The success speaks for itself," DeLaria said.

It sure does. "Orange is the New Black" was the most-watched Netflix original series ever. It even has an audience akin with thriving shows on cable and broadcast TV. Check back for more updates on "Orange is the New Black" season 2 premiere date news, spoilers and other like musings.