The OnePlus One Android L update release date will come three months after the final build. The promise has been confirmed by both OnePlus One and its partner CyanogenMod, which have said that they will roll out the Android L update as soon as the final build and source code is out. The Android L update is anticipated to launch this fall, likely around October, so that means the OnePlus One could have Android L by late 2014 or early 2015. The OnePlus One runs CyanogenMod 11S for the international version and the Chinese version runs Color OS. It's not clear if the Color OS version of the OnePlus One will also get Android L.

The OnePlus One Android L update release date sounds like good news, but the fact is that the vast majority of people don't have the phone yet. The OnePlus One has been delayed constantly from the end of June date, when general availability that was promised to early backers. One top of that, OnePlus One has been suffering from a yellow screen tint bug which was a defect from the manufacturing, which OnePlus One shamelessly tried to play off as a feature. Right now it's easy to make promises about the Android L update for a device that isn't even out yet. Here's the full statement that OnePlus One made about the Android L update release date:

So a lot - I mean, a lot - of people are asking about whether we'll be getting on the Android L train. It was announced while I was asleep and when I got back to work the morning after, there were already a bunch of forum posts and (strangely) customer support requests about it.

Well, we're keen to announce today that the OnePlus One will indeed be getting the L treatment. When, you ask? That depends on Google. We promise to have it done within three months of their releasing a final build.

On the other hand CyanogenMod posted about the Android L update release date revealing their roadmap, "CM11 M8 (Android 4.4.4) release is already tagged and branched and in preparation for release just after the July 4th weekend. Until we get a signal or indication of when "L" will be final, we will continue to treat it as a secondary to closing out bugs and improving features/support for CM 11 and continuing the 'M-release' cycle." Hopefully CyanogenMod can deliver where OnePlus One has been unable to, though right now it sounds like they're focusing on sorting out Android 4.4.4, over doing any planning for Android L. Phandroid says that CyanogenMod has confirmed that the OnePlus One will get the Android L update, "Update: Cyanogen Inc. has confirmed to us that they too have committed to the launch timing (of course), and it wasn't just OnePlus blowing smoke."

The OnePlus One Android L update release date, if accurate, would mean that OnePlus One would be on par with OEM's like HTC who have promised a 90-day rollout for the Android L update for the HTC One M8 and HTC One M7. That would be impressive assuming that OnePlus One can actually deliver on its promises and isn't just stringing consumers along with false promises that it continously breaks. Time will tell, but right now OnePlus One really need to focus on getting the manufacturing of the OnePlus One ramped up so they can at least get the device out to their early backers, let alone general consumer availability.

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