An OkCupid cheaters study found that men prefer women who show obvious signs of wanting to commit adultery, CNET reported. For this interesting experiment, 40 profiles were created for the dating side OkCupid. The profiles of the 20 men and 20 women used photos of attractive, real people who consented to having their images used for the OkCupid cheaters study.

The 40 images of real people were duplicated, shuffled around and sorted into four groups: Brazen Cheats, Married Maybes, Recently Taken and Sincerely Singles. A man and woman of each group were then placed in the five cities that, a cheater's dating website, deemed the most "unfaithful" in America.

Cities used in the OkCupid cheaters study are Oklahoma City (OK), Miami (FL), Houston (TX), Austin (TX) and Washington D.C.

So with these decoy profiles in place (10 of each group spread out in the most unfaithful cities in America), the OkCupid cheaters study recorded the total number of messages that each group received.

The results showed that the female brazen cheats, were far and away the most popular group, receiving 336 messages in a week compared to 262 for sincerely single women, 129 for married maybes and 89 for the recently taken.

The men received drastically less messages than the women, but even the men brazen cheats received more messages than any other group, but for very different reasons than the women cheaters. Men brazen cheats in the Okcupid cheaters study received 44 messages in a week, compared to 18 for recently taken men, 15 for sincerely single and 6 for married maybes.

For the OkCupid cheaters study, brazen cheats meant really brazen cheats. An example of a brazen cheat's profile reads: "My profile lists me as single but I'm not going to lie to you, I AM in a relationship right now. I'm here because I want to meet someone new but I don't want my current partner to know about it."

So what kind of messages did these women, who clearly wanted to commit adultery, elicit?

"You are the most striking woman I have laid eyes on in years. Let me know if I can fill any holes in your relationship for you," one potential suitor wrote. "We are in the same boat lol," empathized another.

The women in the OkCupid cheaters study experiment received offers across the board, and the brazen cheaters received the most out of all. The male brazen cheaters were another story.

Of the 44 messages the male cheaters received, 36 were insults or inquiries into whether their desire to cheat was really true. These messages ranged from "I presume this is a joke. If not then wow" to "Do you have any idea how unattractive your profile is" to "wtf are you serious?"

Check out the OkCupid cheaters study here.

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