Space combat in No Man’s Sky is not the easiest thing to do, especially right away. After getting into a few scraps, we’ve come across some tips and techniques that can help you blow away enemies yourself.

Space Combat Tips

The biggest tip is to focus on one enemy at a time. Do not try to weaken whatever ship you are closest to, just take each one out one at a time.

When closing in on a ship, three red lines will appear around it. Keep aiming and shooting at the ship, and you’ll see a triangular shape show up ahead of it. This is the target you want to aim at to ensure your shots hit the enemy. Start blasting away at this target as often as you can.

Enemy ships generally attack in a looping motion. They will do a run at you, pass by, loop around and come back. To counter this, as soon as an enemy flies past you, jam on the brakes with L2, and pull back on the stick. You’ll turn around much faster, and can line up shots on the enemy’s backside while it loops around.

If you know you are about to get into a fight, make sure you stock up on yellow Oxide elements like iron and titanium. They can be used to energize your deflector shield when it runs out of juice.

Try out combat against smaller numbers of enemies first. One or two enemies can still be overwhelming on your first few attempts. Do NOT try attacking bigger ships until you are ready and have multiple combat upgrades installed. These fights can result in more enemies and sentinels showing up to take you out.

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