Ever heard the phrase "stand by your man?" Well in this case it got a woman punched by a cop ... right in the kisser. That's right, a video that surfaced on YouTube over the weekend shows a scene where a cop punches a woman right in the face when she tries to come between him and her boyfriend.

The video appeared on YouTube March 3 and was titled "Woman punched in the face by cop in brawl at envy nightclub N.J." and has since been removed but numerous news outlets have recorded and kept a copy for themselves so its not going anywhere folks.

So what happened to cause this woman to be punched by a cop? Well from just viewing the video alone the punch really seemed unwarranted, though I am sure there may have been a back-story of some kind we are unaware of.

Still, the idea of a cop punching a woman, particularly one who isn't attempting to harm in in any way seems ... well, a little out of line.

So basically, when viewing the clip watchers will see a very bad, but grainy recording, presumably from an onlookers cellphone, of a fight taking place outside of the Envy Night Club in Elizabeth, N.J. Two guys are going at it and it appears a cop steps in to break things up. In the meantime, the person or someone very close by who was recording the video hollers out the words "WORLD STAR' which most who frequent the Internet know was a direct reference so a website called World Star Hip Hop, known for featuring some crazy video clips, including a regular rotation of brawls and street-fight videos.

At any rate, one man comes out of the fight but then it appears a cop who was in the tangle of men and women surrounding the fight is following him quickly. The man then lifts his hand and gestures to the cop in a way that appears to say "come on, wanna piece of me?" The cop then moves forward and grabs a hold of the man by the arm while a nearby girlfriend, who was checking the man's head fro injuries begins to scream and tries to push the cops hands off the man. The cop, who at this point appears to have taken all he was willing to, hollers to the woman to "Get Down!" When she doesn't listen, the cop rears back and punches the woman, full in the face.

This is no small punch either; this punch throws the woman back and you here a sickly smacking sound as it happens. Like something out of an old batman episode.

The video stops abruptly after this, but the sensation of it will likely live on for quite a while as it appears now an investigation is being done. According to NBC o one who was involved in the fight has been interviewed and when the Huffington Post attempted to contact the Envy Nightclub owner, they said they were aware the fight had taken place but refused to comment further.

"This needs some oversight before this gets out of hand ... these guys are out of control," said Chairman of the Elizabeth Chapter of the People's Organization for Progress James Carey when speaking to the press.

According to the Daily Mail, on Tuesday, the Elizabeth Police Department in NJ was remaining pretty closed lipped about the incident, saying little more than that an unnamed officer was being questioned about punching the woman.