Since New Year's Eve when Sofia Vergara had a nip slip that practically left the "Modern Family" star naked, the photos have been circulating around the Web at a record pace.


"The sentence "Sofia Vergara nip slip" loses all meaning, if you keep repeating it hysterically while the video is buffering," Ibrahim @Baraheeem tweeted.

"Chill. "@chaosthemonster: I'll say a special prayer for whoever sends me a pic of the uncensored Sofia Vergara nip slip. #TheThirst is real," VanGogh El Jefe @PictureSpitter wrote.

"So this is on HT's front page! :O "NIP SLIP! Sofia Vergara accidentally flashes breast at party scuffle," Aseem Rastogi @aseemrastogi2 chimed in.

If you're one of the two people who didn't hear the story, this is how it went down. During a night out with her fiance Nick Loeb at Miami nightclub Story a very-buxom Vergara exposed a lot more than anticipated when she was pushed to the floor during a fight.

Though Vergara is hardly shy, she never expected that a nip slip would show quite so much. But after a fight broke out near her table, Vergara tried to calm everyone down and break it up. As she stepped between the two people involved in the altercation, she was pushed to the ground. Soon after her strapless dress that was barely staying up slipped down her body, showing men those famous double (or triple?) Ds.

"Nick appeared to get really angry after Sofía took a picture with a stranger, and started screaming at her," a witness told the New York Post. "Nick had to be pulled off Sofía by security. Her dress got torn in the melee. This happened right in front of everyone in the VIP section. Four security guards grabbed Nick and threw him out of the back door of the club, with Sofía following behind."

We would say that next time she should wear a strapless bra or paste-on bra cups. But, really, why deny men the pleasure?