The Nintendo Switch is going to cost $250 or 25,000 yen, according to an analyst at Japan’s biggest business newspaper, The Nikkei. While still just a rumor, The Nikkei is a reputable source that’s been right about Nintendo predictions before. The site speculates that since the Wii and Wii U were both around the same price at launch, the Switch will follow the same formula. Google Translate tends to leave a lot to be desired, but even with its broken English I can tell that this is purely based on past numbers and what shareholders should expect.

Everyone is waiting for the official announcement by Nintendo, which should be coming on Jan. 12 during the special Nintendo Direct. Fans have been waiting for any actual, concrete Switch news ever since the console was first announced in October. Since then, we’ve seen Jimmy Fallon scream over Zelda: Breath Of the Wild like a little girl, but not much else. Players are so desperate for information that even speculation from a reputable newspaper counts as news.

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Editor's Note: A previously published version of the story attributed the Switch price prediction to The Nikkei at large instead of the individual author of the analysis. The story has been updated to reflect the accuracy of the original source.