We are moving ever closer to the release of EA Sports' NHL 14 and now we know when the demo for the game will be released.

On Wednesday, EA announced that the demo for the latest EA Sports hockey game will be released on Tuesday August 20 for the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3.

Within the demo, you will have the choice of playing as the Boston Bruins or the 2013 Stanley Cup champion Chicago Blackhawks. You can play either as one of these teams or against these teams in either a regular NHL 14 game or in a NHL '94 Anniversary Mode game.

The big draw for the NHL 14 was the addition of NHL 94 in the game. This year instead of having the game on a separate disc, like they did for NHL 06, they decided to use the NHL 14 game engine and recreate the game, but with the same features that made NHL '94 so great. The blue ice, no offside, no penalties and no icing (although no head bleeding on a hard-hit) will be featured.

Also in the NHL 14 demo, you will be able to build your own Ultimate Team and take part in a mini-part tournament against other CPU-controlled teams. The four teams you will be able to choose from in the Hockey Ultimate Team in the demo are:

- Halifax Mooseheads

- Grand Rapids Griffins

- Boston Bruins

- Chicago Blackhawks

There are rewards you can obtain from playing in the Hockey Ultimate Team mode in the NHL 14 demo. If you accomplish two tasks in the mode, you can receive a Hockey Ultimate Team card pack for use in the full version of NHL 14. The tasks include:

- Complete your first game in HUT

- Win the HUT tournament

In Ultimate Team, EA Sports added Online Seasons into the mode with an innovative promotion and relegation system that rewards teams who are good and penalizes players that are not as good. More details will be released about the mode in the next couple of weeks but I'm sure players are already salivating at Ultimate Team mode.

NHL 14 is set for release on September 10 in North America and by September 13 worldwide. It will be released on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 consoles.

While waiting for the demo to drop, watch the demo trailer to get you ready.