As one of the most popular tablets on the market, the Nexus 7 has cultivated an entire community of computer users itching to fully transition from PC users to solely tablet users. For most people, the Nexus 7 is almost powerful enough to become a primary computing device, but it takes a few accessories and add-ons to get there. That's why we've compiled a list of the best cases, keyboard, stands and other accessories that any Nexus 7 owner would love.

Here are the top 10 best accessories for the Nexus 7

DoDo Case ($34.95): If you're an avid Nexus 7 user, you'll probably want a case to protect your beloved device. The Dodo Case is considered one of the best cases for any device because it uses age-old book-binding techniques to create extremely reliable covers. There's only one drawback to the Nexus 7 Dodo Case: the company uses custom-fitted bamboo cradling systems to hold most other devices into place in the cases, but teh Nexus 7 Dodo Case uses an adhesive. It's not the most secure way to hold a device into place, but so long as you can avoid throwing your case around, the case should suffice in protecting its touchscreen, the edges and other fragile areas of the device.

Treegloo Case ($29.95): This case is nearly identical to the DoDo Case except for the fact taht it does not use an advhesive to hold the Nexus 7 in place. Instead, the Treegloo Case comes with a custom-fitted bamboo cradle that the Nexus 7 snaps into. Once in place, the Nexus 7 is securely held by the case. If you're the type of person that travel frequently with the Nexus 7, you'll want a cover, and this is the best one on the market. Plus, for a little extra money, you can completely customize the look of the case. If you're in the market for a Nexus 7 case, you can't go wrong with this one.

Microsoft Wedge ($79.95): This keyboard is one of the best-designed bluetooth keyboards on the market. It's hard shell casing that doubles as a tablet stand is perfect for anyone touting a Nexus 8. The one downside is that not all of the shortcuts included on the keyboard are operational with Android. It's also slightly more expensive than other keyboards, but it feels extremely durable and is easily one of the best portable bluetooth keyboards. The case that doubles as a stand is the kicker.

Logitech Tablet Keyboard ($69.99): This keyboard is slightly cheaper than the Microsoft Wedge, but it also includes a case that doubles as a stand. To boot, the Logitiech Tablet Keyboard has several shortcuts integrated into the function keys that work on Android and Windows 8. Logitech has made great keyboards and accessories for years, and this keyboard is no exception. If you need a stand and keyboard, this is the best choice.

Microsoft Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard 5000 ($49.95): If typing comfort takes precedent over everything else, this Microsoft ergonomic keyboard is exactly what you want. It's a little bulkier than the other keyboards on this list, but it's one of the most well-reviewed. The keyboard doesn't take much time to adjust to. Just pair it to your Nexus 7, and you'll be typing at normal speeds in no time.

Stylus ($0.88): If you truly want to optimize your Nexus 7, you'll want to use it to replace any regular paper notebooks that you have. In order to go completely paperless using the Nexus 7, you'll need a stylus, which will enable you to write on the device as though you were using a regular ink pen. Apps such as Quill and PenSupremacy create experiences similar to drawing in a notebook. With a stylus, it's ultra-easy to recreate the experience of writing on a notebook.

USB OTG Cable ($0.88): It's hard to find a good docking solution to the Nexus 7, especially because the official Nexus 7 dock doesn't appear to be coming anytime soon. With that said, there are ways that users can convert their Nexus 7 into a fully-functional docked tablet. To do so, you'll need a USB OTG cable. The USB OTG cable will allow items such as a wireless mouse to be plugged into the Nexus 7. It's not the prettiest setup once it's all together, but if you're desperate, this is the best Nexus 7 docking solution.

Tablet Stand ($14.00): If you truly care about your Nexus 7, you'll want it to look good even while you're hands aren't on it. This is where a customized Nexus 7 stand comes in handy. Although some Nexus 7 cases and keyboard cases double as a stand, there's nothing more elegant than a beautifully handcrafted tablet stand specifically made for the Nexus 7. For a look that can't be replicated anywhere else, we recommend checking out Etsy for handcrafted wooden stands. Our favorite is linked above.

Jawbone Era ($129.00): If you're the type of person that does a lot of video conferencing on the Nexus 7, and you're tired of using the low-quality microphone and speakers included in the Nexus 7, this is what you've been looking for. Jawbone creates some of the best bluetooth headsets in the world, and the Era is no different. It kills background noise, provides HD sound and will increase the quality of your calls in almost every way. If you constantly use your Nexus 7 to talk to others, this is one accessory you can't pass up.

Beats Wireless ($280): If you're one of the many Nexus 7 users that is constantly listening ot music on the device, or if you're constantly watching high-quality versions of yoru favorite movies, you'll want good headphones. Although there's innumerable headphones that can be recommended for the Nexus 7, we've chosen the Beats Wireless headphones because we love that they never get tangled and produce incredible sound. Any audiophile that owns a Nexus 7 will appreciate these headphones. Trust us.