Nexus 10 2 release date rumors took an interesting turn with word that Asus is producing the 2nd generation refresh instead of Samsung. The 10-inch upgraded Nexus tablet is expected to have a release date of this year, like Q4 of 2013.

The Nexus 10 2 release date rumors come from Russell Holly at who explains the process by which Google creates Nexus devices,"Google's Nexus program is something of a bidding war in the planning stages. Multiple companies submit designs to Google, who then evaluate which device they want to carry the Nexus branding for the next year. These devices demonstrate Google's vision for Android, free of carrier modifications and OEM software."

Holly explains that the Nexus 10 2 release date rumors come from "multiple sources" who have confirmed the arrival of an Asus Nexus 10 2nd generation refresh before the end of the year. The Nexus 10 2 is reported to arrive just in time for the holiday season. The Samsung Nexus 10 did not prove as popular as the Asus Nexus 7, but according to the Android 4.3 Jelly Bean update with features like restricted profiles and could see the Nexus 10 2 rebranded as a "family tablet". A Nexus 10 2 refresh with higher resolution, apps supported for larger screens and the features of Android 4.3 has the potential to make the device a winner.

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In terms of Nexus 10 2 specs rumors, we still don't have much information about what the device might boast. It is likely to have a Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset though we doubt it would be the Snapdragon 800. We might see the Snapdragon 600 over the Snapdragon S4 Pro that was on the Nexus 7 2. The screen resolution could be a crisp 2560 x 1600. If Asus is producing the Nexus 10 2 refresh then it is likely to be well received. Phandroid points out that Asus and Google has established a good working relationship, Asus produced the Nexus 7 and the Nexus 7 2 refresh. Clearly Google likes what it find with Asus tablets. Could this be the start of Google moving to some sort of Nexus device standardization? Having a single manufacturer for the entire Nexus line could be more efficient than having different companies like LG, Samsung and Asus throwing their hats into the ring.

That means the Nexus 10 2 rumors about the Samsung P600 10-inch tablet may be for a different device and is not the 2nd generation upgrade. However, the rumored specs of the P600 is still strikingly similar to what we might expect from a Nexus 10 2 refresh. It has a 10-inch screen, a 2560 x 1600 resolution and an upgraded Exynos 5 Octa processor, the newest one from Samsung that outperformed the Snapdragon 800 in benchmark tests. The P600 sure feels like a Nexus 10 2 upgrade. It could be the design that Samsung submitted to Google, was rejected and is now planning to release during IFA Berlin 2013. It is worth remembering that when major upgrades to specs happen there is a corresponding increase in price. We saw that with the Nexus 7 2, which went up in price by almost a $100 depending on what internal memory version you got.

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The Nexus 10 2 release date rumors seem to correspond to what we reported yesterday. Taylor Wimberly made the bold statement that Motorola was preparing to produce a Nexus device that was not the Moto X Google Play Edition. Yesterday we expressed skepticism, but now taking into account the way that Google selects Nexus devices by having companies submit designs, it is possible that Motorola is going to develop a Nexus 4 2nd generation upgrade, the Nexus 5 or a new Nexus product entirely in the form of a Nexus phablet. The fact that we are having so many Nexus device rumors right around this time may indicate that Google is shaking things up to prepare for a release of the Nexus 10 2, Nexus 5 or Nexus 4 2.

What do you think of rumors that the Nexus 10 2 is being produced by Asus rather than Samsung?

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