The next Skyrim DLC "Redguard" release date is likely just months away. After Bethesda Softworks trademarked the title, news of the upcoming expansion quickly spread online. Now Bethesda publisher Peter Hines has responded to questions regarding the next Skyrim DLC "Redguard" release date on Twitter. Read on for more info.

It's still unconfirmed that the next Skyrim DLC will be called "Redguard" and the release date remains a mystery. However, based on Bethesda's history we already have a pretty good idea of what we can expect. In the past, the game develop has only trademarked titles like this ahead of announcing new Skyrim DLCs. Furthermore, based on Skyrim DLC release date history of launching new expansion packs we expect Redguard to arrive in spring 2013, following the release of Dragonborn last December.

News regarding the next Skyim DLC "Redguard" is still sparse, but that hasn't stopped fans of the role playing game (RPG) from speculating about the upcoming expansion in online forums and on Twitter. Finally, Bethesda publisher (and frequent online intermediary between the company and its fans) Pete Hines has responded to the rumors, though his answers may disappoint you.

"We haven't announced one nor said we are doing one," Hines responded to one Skyrim fan anxious to learn the Redguard DLC release date.

Soon afterwards, Hines responded to another Skryim fan, tweeting, "@LShankley just the three [DLCs] you know of. no other dlc has been announced for skyrim."

So clearly Hines isn't spilling the beans about the next Skyrim DLC "Redguard" release date, but that doesn't mean we don't already know a decent amount about the upcoming expansion.

A recent article in Xbox 360: The Official Xbox Magazine was the first to cover rumors surrounding the next Skyrim "Redguard" DLC release date rumors. Quoting the new trademark, the noted that Bethesda defined "Redguard" as "downloadable computer game software offered via the Internet and wireless devices." That's pretty much all the proof we need.

The article in Xbox Magazine goes on to explain that the next Skyrim DLC "Redguard" release date could bring player to the fictional nation of Hammerfell, home of the "proud, warlike Redguards." You may already know from playing Skyrim that the Redguards are the fiercest warriors around. They also hate wizards and most types of magic. Xbox Magazine notes that the warrior tribe is ""reportedly skilled in the use of Destruction magic, the latter aren't big fans of wizards in general -- they regard any combat art that doesn't deal out punishment directly as dangerously effete."

Some gamers and video game bloggers have warned that the next Skyrim DLC "Redguard" release date may turn out to be just a rumor and nothing more. It's completely possible that Bethesda trademarked the term to protect their brand from other companies, a sort of "legal land grabbing," as Xbox Magazine puts it.

However, this argument quickly unravels when you take a look at Bethesda's Skyrim DLC release date history. Each trademarked term ("Dragonborn," "Hearthfire" and "Dawnguard") becomes the next Skyrim DLC soon afterward.

"Bethesda has yet to trademark any other Elder Scrolls races, factions, placenames," notes Xbox Magazine, adding that they personally reached out to Hines but received no response.

Many gamers are already speculating that the next Skyrim DLC "Redguard" release date will bring us to Hammerfell. However, Xbox Magazine argues that the expansion's location could actually take place in Dragonstar, a city inhabited by both Redguards and Nords:

"According to the Elder Scrolls wiki, the city is (or at least, was) a hotbed of political contention, chopped up Berlin-Wall-style between the Nords and Redguards in the aftermath of a long-ceased war. Visit the site today (you'll need access to a PC version and mod tools) and you'll find only an oddly featureless, geometry-less stretch of land dotted with pine trees. Going on technological insight that I absolutely don't have, this would seem a good foundation for an add-on: the less extant landscape there is to wrangle with, surely, the easier new assets are to install.

"An expansion set partly or entirely within Dragonstar would be an interesting experience, thanks to the aforesaid rocky local politics, but after playing Dragonborn, I suspect the bulk of the pack may once again take place off-shore. Bethesda's decision to revisit the isle of Solstheim in the most recent expansion was a stroke of genius... Skyrim's expansions could serve as a means of publicising the game's wider universe prior to the launch of the continent-spanning Elder Scrolls Online."

True Elder Scrolls fans will remember the rumored next Skyrim DLC from a previous title in the franchise, but Skyrim players should also have experience interacting with Redguards. In the previous expansion, "Dragonborn," one of the most difficult enemies to defeat was a Redguard called Ebony Warrior.

When do you think the next Skyrim DLC "Redguard" will arrive? Do you think it will take place in Hammerfell or Dragonstar? Let us know in the comments.

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