The next Skyrim DLC "Redguard" release date could arrive this summer, and although Bethesda Softworks has yet to confirm the rumors that hasn't stopped video game bloggers form speculating over what to expect form the upcoming expansion. Read on for more next Skyrim DLC "Redguard" release date news, rumors and spoilers.

The next Skyrim DLC (likely called Redguard) release date is still unconfirmed, and Bethesda is keeping a tight lock on all expansion news on all fronts. The official Bethesda Blog has no info beyond word on a new Skyrim hoodie featuring the "imperial dragon symbol." Meanwhile, company publisher and online ambassador Pete Hines has little information to offer via his popular Twitter account, although he appears to be enjoying the new Bioshock Infinite game.

But a lack of confirmed news on the next Skyrim DLC "Redguard" release date doesn't mean there isn't plenty of news to report. With few facts to go on, video game bloggers are bringing the rumor mill up to high speed as they speculate on what new characters, enemies and features we can expect from the rumored expansion.

Will the next Skyrim DLC "Redguard" release date offer gamers a monster even more formidable then the dragons? That shouldn't be too hard to deliver, considering that while the dragons are a little scary when you first meet them, battling the fire breathing monsters quickly becomes formulaic as you shoot arrows into their mouths in between bursts of fireballs. One popular rumor is that Bethesda could be developing an enemy similar to the "Deathclaws" that strike fear into the hears of every Fallout 3 player.

So will the next Skyrim DLC "Redguard" release date introduce a monster so terrifying you turn and tun as soon as you spot it? Here's SidTech's report:

Anyone who has ever played Fallout 3, will... come across a beast with the name of DeathClaw. It is the single most feared beast of all the game...

... Skyrim does have dragons as beasts, however they are not really all that fearsome and people do not want to avoid them...

...[in the next Skyrim DLC "Redguard"] players should have to face a creature like the DeathClaw and this would be a creature that everyone feared. Of course the actual DeathClaw should not feature in Skyrim, but something just as frightening...

Meanwhile, Insider Media Group has a few suggestions of their own for how the next Skyrim expansion "Redguard" release date could introduce new features and character to improve the game and make it more realistic. In two separate articles, the news-site argues for "expansion upon guilds" and "children of other races."

So how could the next Skyrim DLC "Redguard" release date improve on the guilds system? Well there's plenty that can be done to amp up one of the few areas in which the popular RPG is lacking. IMG suggests a side quest focused on a new character who starts his own guild chapter, allowing the player to experience its development. The article also notes that this addition would give players something to do with all their in-game money.

Will the next Skyrim DLC "Redguard" release date expand the currently limited guild system? There's no way to know for sure, but here's what IMG is hoping for:

-Fighters Guild expansion into Skyrim; new warrior questline. Assist in establishment of a foothold for Fighter's Guild. Maybe also a link to Battlehorn Castle DLC if not the Fighter's Guild?

-Similar expansion by Synod/New Winterhold College questline for mages. Or a whole new underground organisation.

-Reintroduction of Morag Tong/Crimson Scars (following on from Vile Lair DLC when Crimson Scars could have overtaken DB operations in Cyrodiil/ Would be a nice twist).

-New chapter houses of Thieves Guild/DB in a new area (such as Hammerfell/Cyrodiil or wherever a new DLC may take us).

IMG's second suggestion for the next Skyrim DLC "Redguard" release date is simple and mostly geared towards make the game more realistic. The new-site points out that up until now although the game features a variety of races all children in the virtual world are white with "Nord child skin."

"We would really like to see Argonian, Khajiit and Dunmer, Bosmer and Altmer children" in the next Skyrim DLC, notes IMG. "Why would only Nords get children? We want to be able to adopt an Argonian daughter to live with us and our family in Lakeview Manor... Bethesda, please do something about it."

So when is the actual release date for the next Skyrim DLC "Redguard" arriving? We don't know, and a recent rumor that surfaced online pointing to a summer 2013 launch turned out to be nothing more than a clever April fools joke. However, given that the last expansion, Dragonborn, was released last December, and considering Bethesda's history of releasing a new DLC every five or six months it's not inconceivable that a new adventure in Hammerfell could be available to gamers as soon as this June.

The first Dragonborn trailer was released on November 5, 2012 and the expansion arrived almost exactly a month later. That means there's still plenty of time for the next Skyrim DLC "Redguard" release date to arrive this summer. We only hope Bethesda takes some of the online community's ideas for how to improve the RPG into account.

Can't wait for the next Skyrim DLC "Redguard" release date? Neither can these gamers on Twitter:

"The supposed redguard dlc has become more than just a rumour, does anyone know when we will find out if it's true!?" tweeted @Conor616.

"Is their actually going to be a Redguard DLC for Skyrim? #Confused," tweeted @Shakur_Matherz.

"There is rumours that there is a new dlc coming out this year called redguard :) from what I've read it sounds good!" tweeted Natasha Brewer.

"Waiting for some news of new Skyrim DLC. Rumours all say that it will be called 'Redguard' but nothing has been confirmed yet," tweeted Gwen Misha Ackles.

What new features, characters and monsters do you want to see when the next Skyrim DLC "Redguard" release date arrives? Let us know in the comments.