South Park Episode "Going Native" Review, Recap, Spoilers. Watch the full episode here.

Did Matt Stone and Trey Parker recently suffer through a bad vacation in Hawaii? It sure seems like it. Why else would they devote the entire 11th episode of season 16 to mocking white people who spend a few months each year vacationing in Hawaii and then refer to themselves as natives?

"Going Native" followed Butters as he travelled to his "birth place" of Hawaii to uncover his true origins and enter manhood. I was excited for a Butters-centric episode, but the fact that he was extremely angry the entire episode--rather than his usual kind, but naive and stupid, self--meant fewer funny Butters moments in exchange for one big payoff at the end of the episode.

Warning: Plenty of spoilers ahead.

"Going Native" opened at South Park Elementary, where Cartman rushes into the cafeteria to announce that Butters is going crazy. In the hallway Butters storms out of the bathroom to insult Cartman, Stan, Kyle and pretty much every one at school.

"Your all fake and stuck up and none of you have the courage to tell Jimmy that his jokes aren't funny," shouts Butters. Only Kenny is cool, he adds.

Butters runs back into the bathroom while Cartman is quick to mock him, asking Kenny, "You guys gonna make out?"

Soon afterward Butters and his parents are called to the principals office where he explains, "I'm just pissed off. When his father speaks up Butter replies, "Shut up Dad and stick it in your ear!"

Mr. Stotch isn't surprised though. It turns out the problem "has to do with biology." Butters has to return to his birth place, Hawaii. Butters' anger issues can't be righted by anything but this mystical journey. "It's a cultural thing," explains Butters' dad.

At home, Butters' parents reveal that he was born in Hawaii, which the pronounce havaie (this is just the first of many jokes in the episode mocking the pretentiousness of white people who hypocritically refer to Hawaii as their home).

Butters' parents show him a photoalbum of the two of them partying in Hawaii, where the even saw "the king" (Elvis); then they assure their son that he is in fact Hawaiian royalty, and must embark on a "walkabout" by himself.

At the airport Butters is so angry he slurs his words and is denied entry to the plane to Hawaii because he seems drunk. Suddenly Kenny shows up, sent by the boys to stop Butters from leaving. Kenny realizes how badly his friend needs to go to Hawaii, and agrees to travel with him.

When they arrive a group of what look like white tourists greet them, claiming to be natives. On the ride to their homes they explain that they all own condos or timeshares. The car passes an abandoned hotel, which the refer to as ancient ruins, warning that no Haoles (non-natives like Kenny) are allowed inside. They pass a Sheraton Hotel (where all the stupid tourists live) before arriving at the Sheraton Residences where the "natives" live--if you're a white person who hypocritically calls Hawaii your home you probably felt that burn pretty bad!

Butters is introduced to the way of the natives (relaxing and drinking Chi Chi cocktails) and begins to feel more relaxed. Just as he is about go through the official ceremony and become a native Hawaiian terrible news arrives, the US government is planning to revoke special Native reward cards that promise large discounts across Hawaii.

The natives are infuriated and attack an incoming cruise ship full of Haole tourists by hitting golf balls at the ship. The attack is totally useless (of course), until Butters summons his anger, yelling "Stupid... Ben Affleck!" His fury propels the golf ball straight into the ship's control room where it kills the captain and causes the entire vessel to sink.

Following their victory, the white Natives kick all the Haole tourists out of Hawaii and close the ports. They soon learn that Barack Obama is sending the Coast Guard to reclaim Hawaii. They've also got to decide what to do with Kenny, the last remaining Haole. After deciding not to kill him they force him to pass a boating test. He fails, falling into the river and floating downstream towards a dangerous looking waterfall. Oh my god! The killed Kenny?

All the Hawaiian "natives" assemble to plan their defense against the Coast Guard. But the different "tribes" soon began to fight over who came by cruise ship or plane, and who has been their for nine months or just two. Eventually, though, they unite, inspired by Butters' ability to sink that entire ship with just a single golf ball. The Natives prepare to celebrate, but they're out of alcohol and all the ports are closed.

Meanwhile, it turns out Kenny survived and we see him wash up at the ancient hotel ruins. Inside, he stumbles upon the ghost of Elvis, who leads him to a secret stash of liquor, groaning the words, "Chi Chi."

Kenny prepares to bring the Natives some much-needed alcohol while the Coast Guard arrives. The two sides quickly begin to fight as the natives launch golf and bocce balls while the Coast Guard responds with deadly missiles. All hope is lost until Kenny appears, fueling the Natives to victory with more Chi Chi. The Coast Guard is forced to give up, and agrees not to revoke the Natives' discount cards. During the battle we also learn than Butters hates Ben Affleck because his new movie "Argo," was so good and the movie star has "everything" a man could want.

The Natives decide to induct both Butters and Kenny into their tribe in a ceremony that consists entirely of receiving the Hawaiian natives discount cards. Butters admits to feeling better, but he's still annoyed that Ben Affleck can be good looking, famous, a good actor and also date Jennifer Lopez.

When on of the natives explains to him that Affleck is no longer dating Lopez, and is currently involved with Jennifer Garner, Butters' anger disappears. Butters and Kenny walk down the beach and into the sunset. The end.

But wait a second! Really, Butters? J-Lo over Garner? I have to disagree with you there buddy.

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