Skylanders: Swap Force release date news: the next game in the insanely successful young series is coming out on October 13, 2013 in North America, October 18, 2013 in the fantasy land called Europe. If you don't have young kids and aren't one yourself, get thee to a nunnery (and sack it) instead. But if you do, welcome to the unofficial débutante ball for the new Skylanders game.

The key selling point that will make you buy even more tchotchkes on the Skylanders: Swap Force release date lies in that 'swap' word. The new game has thirty two new Skylanders, but sixteen of them are special: those sixteen each consist of two detachable parts that can mix and match with any of the other swappable guys.

Skylanders Swap Force release date The Skylanders: Swap Force release date is mid-October worldwide. Start saving up now. (Image: Activision)

Not going to lie, that sounds like a pretty cool reason to pick up the game on the Skylanders: Swap Force release date. That is, if you're in the target demographic. This isn't Pokémon. There is no depth here in terms of gameplay. Seriously. This is a for-real, honest-to-goodness kids' game. So for adults, it's terrible, but for kids, it's great. I would have loved it once upon a time.

There's a caveat we'll all (except me) have to deal with on the Skylanders: Swap Force release date. The game, which is available for just about every system (PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Wii U; PS3, Xbox 360, Wii (!); 3DS, not Vita (ha!)) ever, requires the purchase of a new starter pack (at $75 for the console versions) to get a new Portal of Power; the old one can't figure out the Swap Force guys. Oh, and the 16 Swap Force guys will cost $15 each instead of $10.

So, yea. The Skylanders: Swap Force release date is fantastic news if you're a kid (if so, keep on keeping on). The swapping is honestly a pretty cool mechanic, and of course the new Portal works with the old Skylanders too (and presumably Giants as well). Many, many gameplay opportunities here. But if you're a parent, this stuff gets pricey: the whole new set would cost you $474.67. And you have probably sunk a good chunk into Giants and the original as well.

At least the toys are well made! This series outsells Call of Duty for a reason, despite it being so expensive.