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As usual developers on Cydia are cranking out more great jailbreak tweaks over the weekend to better customize your iOS 6 device, using the evasi0n jailbreak. Most of the tweaks are coming to us from the BigBoss and Modmyi repo and encompasses new arrival in the Cydia store March 7th-10th. I Hope to put out another overview of updated tweaks from the weekend s there are quite a few of those as well, including chpwn's popular Gridlock which has been heavily requested. Enjoy!


vexil "Vexil" New Cydia Jailbreak Tweak 2013 (Photo: Cydia)

This tweak seems like a nice addition to your Winterboard theming tools and is made for all iOS devices running iOS 6 or higher. With Vexil, users can customize a number of features on their homescreen, including the color of various lockscreen labels like the date ad time as well as altering the color of the top and bottom bars. You can put borders around the bars and change the color of your "slide to unlock" knob. Users can also alter the width of the unlock knob. Basically it's a simple tool for those who want to make some simple changes to their lock screen. The tweak is 99 cents on Cydia.

Cursor&Selection Colors

"Cursor "Cursor

This tweak is compatible with iOS 5 and iOS 6 and allows users to customize their selection bar and cursor to a variety of colors, giving just another touch of customization to your jailbroken iPhone 5, or other iOS 5/6 device. The tweak is $1.00 and available on Cydia through the Big Boss repo.


Hashbang productions, maker of Animer and TypeStatus have added a new bit of animated fun for free on Cydia and it's called ClockFade. This is a simple tweak that adds an almost unperceivable animation to your home screen but one some may be interested in. Basically upon install from the Cydia tweak store it activates an animation when going from the lockscreen to the homescreen which makes the clock on the status bar fade in. Again a very simple tweak, not really essential but just adds a bit more animation as you move transition from lockscreen to homescreen.


InstantCamera is a tweak for all iOS 6 and above devices with the exception of the iPad. Basically this tweak expands on activator, allowing users to launch your camera while inside of an app with a simple gesture. The part I like is when you finish taking your photo, you simple click the home button once, and you will return right back to the app you were in previously. I could see this tweak being useful so I'm gonna keep it on my phone a while and see if it was worth the $1.00 fee required for download from the Cydia store. This tweak also comes to you from the Big Boss repo and arrived on Sunday March 10th.


Okay another really simple but seemingly popular tweak, as a number of my readers suggested I mention this one. DirectionBar basically puts a compass up in your status bar. In addition the compass is themable. Though I don't really use a compass in my everyday life, apparently some people do so if you are one of them well then this may be a great tweak for you. It's available now on Cydia tweak store from the Modmyi repo.

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