The new iPhone release date will reportedly see Apple discontinuing production of the iPhone 5 when the iPhone 5S and iPhone "Lite," the rumored budget iPhone, are launched., a Korean site, is reporting that the Cupertino Company will stop production of the iPhone 5 in the fall to focus on the iPhone 5S and the iPhone "Lite," a plastic, low-cost version of Apple's flagship smartphone, both of which are expected to be released in the fall, per MacRumors.

Ahead of the new iPhone release date, it was assumed that Apple would be discontinuing iPhone 4 and 4S production to make space for an all-Lightning iPhone line, allowing the iPhone maker to standardize its latest Lightning charging connector and phase out the older 30-pin connector. However, the fate of the iPhone 5 with the new iPhone release date was not questioned, until now.

This new report claims that the in-cell technology used on the iPhone 5 touchscreen is "not suitable for low-volume production," which could explain part of the reason for Apple to stop producing the iPhone 5 with the new iPhone release date. The iPhone 5S is rumored to either be in production now or will be in production later this month, with both the next-gen Apple smartphone and the budget, iPhone "Lite" expect to launch in September or October this year.

iPhone 6 The new iPhone release date will have people saying the iPhone 5S, iPhone "Lite" is the best thing to happen to iPhone since iPhone 5. (flickr/Sean MacEntee)

If the report is true, it would be a marked departure from Apple's usual protocol for a new iPhone release. In the past, Apple has kept the last two generations of its flagship smartphone in production in order to market them to lower-income earners and markets, per Apple Insider. For instance, currently the iPhone 5 is at the high-end, followed by the iPhone 4S at a medium price range, and the iPhone 4 sometimes being given away with a contract in the U.S.

The discontinuation of the iPhone 5 with the new iPhone release makes sense, as leaked photos and specs for the iPhone 5S suggests that the new device will be very similar to its predecessor. Also, if Apple wants to markets a budget iPhone, dubbed iPhone "Lite" to lower-income brackets, it might not want the older model iPhones to compete in that market segment. The iPhone "Lite" is expected to have a plastic case and be available in an array of colors.

For those like Donald Trump who are waiting on Apple to create a larger iPhone screen, you may have to wait until next year for the iPhone 6 release.

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