The Marriage Material app is a new app for iPhone that wants to help you make the biggest decision of your life. The app features a number of quizzes that evaluate your relationship. And while the name of the app suggests that it should be used for deciding whether your current boyfriend or girlfriend is the one you should marry, it can be used to assess your relationship at any stage and compare it to other happy or unhappy couples.

The Marriage Material app is a fun tool that can be used by anyone but the ideal user is
“someone in a serious relationship, over the honeymoon stage, and ready to take the next step in their relationship,” according the the app’s FAQ section. “That could mean moving cities to be closer to each other, moving in together, getting engaged, or a pre-marital counseling before the big day.” The app is not intended to be a break-up app, rather it’s meant to be an easy way to increase your self awareness and improve your relationship.

The Marriage Material app is free to download and comes with two Just for Fun quizzes to get your started. To unlock the rest of 12 quizzes requires an in-app purchase of $0.99 but that includes the ability to compare your score to the average score of happy and unhappy couples. Before the launch of the app, the developers verified data from dozens of couples, both self identified as happy and unhappy to come up with the score averages.

Unlike the 36 Questions for falling in love developed by psychologist Arthur Aron and popularized by a recent New York Times Modern Love article, the Marriage Material quizzes can be taken alone. Perhaps, it would be more beneficial if both you and your partner can have the app downloaded separately on your phones so you can compare your scores. You’d probably want to each have the app since you set up an individual profile and the app overwrites your previous results when you take the same quiz again.

The app is supposed to be anonymous, it doesn’t ask you to sign up with an email or Facebook account. But it does ask for your gender, sexual orientation and zip code, which may be later used for more comparative data. Right now the only comparative data offered is your score relative to happy and unhappy couples. To come up with your score, you’re asked to rate each question on how much it matters to you from a little to very. Questions that matter little to you will be weighted less and questions that are very important to you will be given more weight.

The Marriage Material app quizzes span across a set of categories that include Lifestyle, Intimacy, Beauty, Friends & Family and Career & Education. You can also contribute a quiz or question to the app if you feel you have something to add.