When it comes to video subscription services, Netflix Instant and Hulu Plus lead the pack for the most rewarding cord cutting lifestyle. When you want to binge watch your favorite show or catch up on missed episodes, which streaming service is a better fit for you? Let's take a look at the Netflix versus Hulu video streaming showdown for 2013.

Hulu Plus Hulu Plus

Netflix Instant and Hulu Plus both cost $7.99 per month, so if price is a determining factor they are both viable options. Both video streaming services are also matched in terms of supported devices. Game consoles, Blu-ray players, HDTVs, streaming players, home theater systems as well as phones and tablets can all connect to Netflix and Hulu Plus. However, both video subscription services have unique features that give them an edge on the other.

Hulu Plus gains ground with better release dates. Many new TV show episodes are available on Hulu Plus the day after they air live. While Netflix Instant does offer some fairly new shows, including the recently added "New Girl" episodes, it typically makes TV shows available for streaming after the season has wrapped up entirely on the air.

Netflix original content, on the other hand, is currently gaining more widespread popularity than Hulu Plus shows. Granted, Hulu Plus does feature numerous original shows, but none of them have gained the cult followings that Netflix Instant original TV shows have recently.

"Arrested Development" season 4, "House of Cards" and "Orange is the New Black" are just a few of the newly added original shows to Netflix Instant that fans have been binge watching and raving about. Netflix even saw a huge growth in subscribers and spike in profits due to the introduction of these original TV series.

Can Hulu Plus match the esteem of these shows? It's possible. "The Awesomes," created by Seth Meyers, was added to the video streaming site on August 1. The animated superhero show, which was revealed during Comic-Con 2013, is still too new to determine its impact on subscriber growth, but the brainchild of the comedic legend is expected to be a hit. Until then, Netflix Instant still beats out Hulu Plus in viral original content.

Netflix Instant and Hulu Plus are matched for price and supported device. Netflix Instant takes the win with original content and Hulu Plus has better release dates. So, which is a better fit? Netflix Instant has been taking initiative to cater to varying household tastes and binge watching tendencies in recent feature additions. With original content posted all at once and the new Netflix profiles for a more customized experience, it seems that this video streaming service may take the cake. Netflix Instant also rids you of the oh-so-hated advertisements and commercials we all so impatiently loathe.

When it comes down to it, Netflix Instant seems to be racking up more points with winning features, including original content, commercial-free viewing and even a higher-definition video/audio quality than Hulu Plus. While this is the case, if you are an avid TV show addict that is desperate to catch new episodes of your favorite shows ASAP, than Hulu Plus might be more fitting. For just $16 a month, there is also Option C, and that is to have a wealth of new, old and original shows at your fingertips with both Netflix Instant and Hulu Plus. So what will it be, Netflix Instant or Hulu Plus? Let us know in the comment section.