It seems as if I have written all about EA Sports' NBA Live 14 for almost two weeks. From their terribly received trailer to the features that the game will have when it comes to Ultimate Team and NBA Rewind, it seems that NBA Live has dominated the basketball gaming news landscape. As EA Sports begins slowly leaking more and more information, the team creating NBA 2K14 hit the ground running and released a ton of information this week.

At a press event on Wednesday, 2K revealed new news about NBA 2K14 for the next-gen consoles Xbox One and the PlayStation 4. One big detail that came from the event was that, just like NBA Live 14, NBA 2K14 was built from the ground up and used a new physics engine called EcoMotion. With the processing power that the new systems have, it really is no surprise that both EA Sports and 2K said that they should start from the beginning and create a game using the new hardware that they now have at their disposal.

There is a new mode within NBA 2K14, but there is also a subtraction. The beloved Association Mode is out but in its place is something called My GM Mode. Very similar to Madden NFL 25 Connected Career's Owner Mode, My GM Mode put you in control of your favorite or most disliked franchise. You are in control of every aspect of the team you select ... everything from personnel moves (players, coaches, etc.) all the way to the price of food and souvenirs at the arena. Every GM has special abilities and while you make the moves, the way you interact with your staff and team will determine the level of harmony you will have with the team. How you behave and react to how your team is playing or how your franchise is doing day-to-day will determine whether you will keep your job or not. If you get fired, you can always become GM of the Toronto Raptors or something.

MyCareer will be included in the next-gen version of NBA 2K14, but you will see major improvements on the new systems. There will even be new cut scenes that have never been seen before which will include things like a rival NBA player, an agent and a set of buddies who probably just came along for the ride of your NBA career. According to Aaron Holbert, there is at least 40 hours of gameplay in the first year of MyCareer mode which means there will be a lot of new things that users will see within this mode. The cool about this mode is that it follows you off the court, which is realistic since NBA players have a life and other interests outside of playing professional basketball and it seems as if NBA 2K14 is trying to show that.

Among the other features that was announced on Wednesday was something called Emotion Plus. All NBA players have different personalities on the court. Carmelo Anthony is a ball hog (I'm a New York Knicks fan so I can say that) while LeBron James likes to get his teammates involved in the action. Those personalities will show on the court in NBA 2K14. If there is an alpha male on your team, he will take control of your team on and off the court. If there is a player who likes to defer to teammates and get everyone else the ball, that personality will also show. The AI in the next-gen version NBA 2K has also improved as coaches will adapt to how the game is progressing and game plans can shift in an instant. There will be nine options on offense and defense that players and the AI can use to either defend or attack opponents.

If seems as if the 2K team put a lot into this game to differentiate it from NBA Live 14. Realism seems to be what NBA 2K14 is shooting for in this next-gen version of the game. While NBA Live is bringing back NBA Rewind and making Ultimate Team a part of their game, it seems that NBA 2K14 is not going with all the bells and whistles and strictly sticking with the sim-style of basketball and making you feel as if you are watching a real NBA game. At this point, NBA 2K14 is winning the battle of basketball games on next-gen.

What'd you got EA Sports and NBA Live 14?

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