After the Christmas holiday, many people have a few days off and really nothing to do. With this free time, people don't have anything important to do and honestly, many are finding ways to kill time. Something that a lot of people will be doing during their few days off with be catching up on their gaming, especially sports gamers. Our seasons and player careers will start back up again in full force with the few days off.

For players of NBA 2K14, both current and next-gen consoles., there is a lot of time for them to get into their Associations, MyCareer, and MyPlayer modes. Now with 2K's insistence that VC points be used for many aspects of the game, it may become troublesome to gain some and go forward in your particular modes. Last week, free VC was given out for a few days to users to use as they wish. As a Christmas or Festivus gift to their loyal players, more codes were given out for users to get even more VC.

Ronnie from 2K released new codes on his Twitter page for users to receive 3,000 free VC points and for many, this was the best Christmas gift they could have received. Ronnie also released codes for 10,000 VC points but that offer was only up for a few hours. Once again, there are two codes to choose from, one for PS3/Xbox 360 systems and one for the PS4/Xbox One consoles. For those of you who are unfamiliar with inputting codes, here is how you do it.

- Go to the main menu

- Select Locker Codes

- You will enter the NBA 2K14 Locker Code that you have

- Go to Enter on the virtual keyboard and you will be your 3,000 VC points

Alright, now on to the codes. The first codes will be for the Xbox One/PS4 systems. Both codes will be active until Monday December 30th.

Xbox One/PS4 Code:


Xbox 360/PS3 Code:


So now that you have your codes for free Virtual Currency, it is now time for you to get down to business and play NBA 2K14 all weekend (or longer if you're lucky).