For the last few weeks, players of NBA 2K14 has received some holiday gifts in the form of free Virtual Currency for the latest installment of 2K's basketball game. While 2K's servers are experiencing major issues which includes mode crashes and the lost of some VC, these gifts over the last couple of weeks has brought some happiness to the NBA 2K community. There was even a deal where players had 24 hours to redeem a code for 10,000 free VC points on Christmas Day. Thanks to these offers, NBA 2K14 has become a bit better and a little more fun to play.

Over the weekend, we got another gift courtesy of Operation Sports and Nick Ceglio. This code, once again for both current and next gen consoles, is for 5,000 VC points. With one code expiring today, this set up perfectly for those who are looking for more VC for their MyPlayer and/or MyCareer modes. Now for those who has of yet not redeemed one of the codes in the last few weeks, here is how you redeem for your free VC points.

- Go to the main menu

- Select Locker Codes

- You will enter the NBA 2K14 Locker Code that you have

- Go to Enter on the virtual keyboard and you will have your 5,000 VC points

Alright, now that we have instructed you in how to redeem these codes, it is time to give you said codes. These codes for the 5,000 VC will available until Monday January 6th so you have some time to get your Virtual Currency. First we will start with codes for next-gen consoles.

Xbox One/PS4 Codes:


Xbox 360/PS3 Codes:


Even with these free VC points and the major patch that NBA 2K14 received two weeks ago, there are still major issues with the game's server. Modes like MyPlayer are unplayable as they continue to crash at every turn and players are starting to complain to the Better Business Bureau and other places to voice their displeasure. One top of the major issues, the 2K servers were on and off all weekend. Ronnie 2K responded to some of the displeasure from 2K fans on Twitter.

So I guess enjoy the free VC while 2K attempts to fix their issues.