On Thursday, 2K released the second title update for NBA 2K14 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles. According to some, the patch did not fix the major issues that faced the game, which includes the game crashing in MyCareer mode. The criticism is still going against 2K and their product and while the debate still rages about the good and the bad of NBA 2K14, you can take advantage of a cool deal while you figure out whether you hate the game or not.

Thanks to Gento, you can receive some free VC for doing absolutely nothing. There are two codes, one for current-gen and the other for next-gen, that you can input and you will receive 3,000 Virtual Currency points for absolutely free. You can spend your VC on anything such as accessories for your MyPlayer (if it works and you are able to) and many other things within NBA 2K14. To receive the free VC, you will have to input the codes and in case you do not know how to, it's very simple.

- Go to the main menu

- Select Locker Codes

- You will enter the NBA 2K14 Locker Code that you have

- Go to Enter on the virtual keyboard and you will be your 3,000 VC points

Now I know you all are waiting to get the free VC code so here are the two codes you can use. The first will be for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 users. The codes are valid until Monday December 23rd.

Xbox One/PS4 Code


PS3/Xbox 360 Code


Pretty easy, right? So now for all of you have who have lost VC in the last couple of weeks, this is your chance to get some of it back for free. Even with the free VC, people are still talking negatively and on the website Pasta Padre, it may be time to take on bigger measures. "For those still having trouble with the game, it might be time to start pursuing refunds and leaving complaints with the Better Business Bureau," said Bryan Wiedey a.k.a Pasta Padre.

Do you see anyway 2K can recover from their issues with NBA 2K14? Will this year's game affect whether you buy NBA 2K next year? Let us know in our comments section.