In 1948, the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing, or simply NASCAR, was founded and held their first sanctioned event in Daytona Beach, Florida. Since that point, NASCAR has grown into a sport that has grown to be the second highest rated sport in America behind the all-powerful NFL and a sport that is shown in over 150 countries. With the success of NASCAR on television (maybe radio, though there's no need for NASCAR on the radio), video game success has always eluded the organization. Papyrus Design Group started the NASCAR gaming trend, followed by EA Sports but those games, with names like NASCAR Rumble and NASCAR Cart Racing on the Wii, never received commercial or critical success.

In 2012, Eutechnyx and Activision started making NASCAR games after their license with EA Sports expired. The climb has been slow and steady for the companies as NASCAR games is steadily attempting to become a player in the sports gaming market. The latest edition of the game, NASCAR The Game: Inside Line, was the best received game in recent years receiving a rating of 7 out of 10 from users of GameSpot. In January, it was announced that there would be a new NASCAR game called NASCAR '14, to produce by Eutechnyx and Deep Silver.

"Deep Silver is releasing the best NASCAR racing experience yet to hit video game consoles," said Deep Silver Inc. COO, Geoff Mulligan. "Fans will soon be able to compete in recent high profile races, experiencing the exact same conditions the real drivers faced. With an aggressive post-release content plan, NASCAR '14 is a game NASCAR fans can enjoy all year long." The first stage of the game's release was having a tournament where fans could select the cover driver for NASCAR '14. The finals came down to Jeff Gordon and Tony Stewart and after 700,000 votes worldwide, the contest ended with Stewart, the three-time Sprint Cup champion, winning the final vote. Here are some of the features that will be included in NASCAR '14.

- NASCAR Highlights: Take advantage of "NASCAR Highlights" to determine the outcome of the biggest race thrills from the season. Eutechnyx recreates the action where exact condition of the cars, the weather is the same and track positions are identical - the only difference is you!

- Career Mode: Work your way through the ranks in a comprehensive career mode; complete with custom car builds, sponsor acquisition, and R&D to get your team into victory lane.

- Official Teams & Tracks: Race against the official NASCAR teams & drivers on your favorite tracks from the high banks of Daytona, to the twists & turns of Sonoma, and exhilarating speed of Talladega.

- Leagues: Take competition to the next level and host online leagues with your friends, fully supported by statistics, challenges, rankings and replay.

- Online Multiplayer: Take advantage of dynamic skill-based matchmaking, tournaments, and easy drop in/out server browser functionality for a fair and enjoyable experience.

The game will be released on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and on the PC. In an interview with Sports Illustrated's "Extra Mustard", Eutechnyx's Vice President Ed Martin spoke about the reasons they did not go to the new consoles and stuck with current-gen consoles. "We took a good, hard look at it, but there just isn't enough hardware out there yet to justify the cost of development," says Martin. "The nail in the coffin was when a guy from Sony talked about Gran Turismo, and how their new game was launching on PS3. He said something like, 'Why would we put Gran Turismo on a console that has zero units in the market when there are 150 million PlayStation 3's out there?' Well, it's a great question. It costs us about $6 million to develop a next-gen version of NASCAR. You have to sell an awful lot of copies in order to meet the development costs, on top of all the licensing. There are about 4-5 million worldwide combined units of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, so it just doesn't add up for us right now. We own the rights, and we absolutely have plans, but it won't be later this year."

NASCAR '14 is set for release on February 18th. Are you a fan of NASCAR games? If so, tell the rest of the world why NASCAR games are fun and why we should purchase the upcoming game in comments section. While others try to decide whether to buy the game or not, check out the trailer to the game below.