Last month, Eutechnyx and Activision released NASCAR '14 for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and the PC. While NASCAR games have struggled to gain a major audience in past years, they do have a loyal following of gamers who look forward to the release of these games every year. Less than a month after its release, reviews have been slow to come in but according Hardcore Gamer's Jeremy Peeples NASCAR '14 is worth a look, although it has its problems.

"NASCAR '14 offers up a solid racing experience, and should be a satisfying pickup for fans of the sport. Casual fans may want to wait for a price drop, but die-hards will easily get $50 worth out of - especially with DLC coming monthly that updates everything to the current season. There's a lot of fun to be had in the career mode tinkering with settings and getting things just right for a race, while the core racing action is quite exciting in any mode. The soundtrack is terrible, though, and the engine roars lack oomph. There are also some iffy visual issues that don't make the game as a whole look bad - just unpolished."

On Thursday, Eutechnyx announced on the game's Facebook page an upcoming patch to fix some of the issues that fans of NASCAR '14 has experienced since the game's launch. These fixes range from freezing, sound problems, paint schemes on certain cars and even the inclusion of the new format for NASCAR's playoff-style Chase for the Cup. The total list of fixes within this upcoming patch is below. There is no set date as to when the patch will be released.

- Fixes for various freezing issue experienced by some players

- Fix to sound issues experienced by some players

- Changes to aggressiveness of AI to give players greater control over levels

- Tweak to difficulty setting to bring AI closer to selected level (want the full NASCAR experience? Select 100% for real-life scenario or dial down for less intensity)

- Increased yield when lower difficulty level selected

- Adjustment to Darlington and Kansas race lengths

- Fix for pitting issues experienced by some players

- Fix for private lobby issues experienced by some players

- Fix to ensure results achieved are accurately reflected

- Fix for decal / paint issues experienced by some players

- This patch will also include an update to bring in the new qualifying and chase format rules announced early in 2014 by NASCAR and will include all 43 current Sprint Cup drivers. For those playing as Nationwide drivers these cars will remain in game for you to enjoy.

If you have NASCAR '14, what are your experiences with the game so far? Would you suggest it for the causal/hardcore NASCAR fan? How about the fan who doesn't really watch NASCAR a lot? Let us know in our comments section.