A mystery creature washed up on the shore of South Wales Beach on Wednesday. The 27 year old who found it, Peter Bailey, said the animal had "the face of a horse, the body of a pig and the claws of a bear." Upon finding it in South Wales, Bailey assumed it was a dog. Though the meter long, hairless body seems to suggest otherwise. One animal it could likely be is a badger.

Surprisingly this is not the first case in which this has happened. Here are the top 5 strangest creatures to come from the sea:

1) Chinese Sea Monster

The 55 foot sea creature washed up on the shores of Guangdong, China in 2011. It was decayed by the time it appeared it was unable to be unidentified. The fisherman known simply as Hwang, age 66, said he was astonished by the creature. Despite the animal's horrible smell, many showed up just to see the beast. It weighed in at 4.5 tons.

2) South Carolina Sturgeon

Appearing in South Carolina on March 22, 2012, the creature was something residents of the state hadn't seen before. It was only until scientists got a look at the animal that they determined it was probably only a sturgeon fish. Because the creature was so decayed, on-lookers were unable to recognize it. Most sturgeon are a silvery/green color though scientists recognized it right away by the organisms bone plates.

3) Prehistoric Shark

What makes this creature unique is the fact it was found alive. This prehistoric undersea creature somehow missed the evolution train and is still alive, swimming around near the waters of Japan. The ones who discovered the shark call it a 'living fossil.' Watch video of the shark here.

4) Mexican Oarfish

The 20 foot mysterious fish washed up on the Mexican beach of Cabo El Medano in October of 2012. The silver fish washed up alive but eventually died. The blog Pisces Fleet Sportfishing mentions that animals like this only seem to wash up when they are in fact already dying.

5) The Montauk Monster

Last but not least might be the only creature on the list to have its own website. The Montauk Monster washed up on the shores of New York in the summer of 2008. The pig-looking beast sent-from-hell was speculated to be only a pig, but New York Mag nipped that speculation right in the bud. For those that are curious, feel free to email it at contact@montauk-monster.com .