The Monopoly game piece vote is underway, and Hasbro is asking fans to weigh in on which piece they want to see retired, and which should take its place. The "Save Your Token" campaign has fans voting on Facebook and on Twitter with the hashtag #tokenvote.

"In an unlucky roll of the dice, every Monopoly token has landed in jail," Hasbro said on the Monopoly Facebook page. "One will be locked up forever and replaced with a new piece. Luckily, you'll have the chance to vote to save your favorite token every day. Don't skip your turn."

The Monopoly game piece vote asks fans to vote on whether to retire the Scottie dog, battle ship, top hat, race car, wheelbarrow, iron, thimble or shoe. The Monopoly game piece vote is also asking fans what should be the replacement piece -a toy robot, a guitar, a diamond ring, a cat or a helicopter.

Many ardent Monopoly fans are already voting in the Monopoly game piece vote. Here's a compilation of some of the best Monopoly game piece votes on Twitter.