Activision has finally revealed the first bit of information about the next Call of Duty title scheduled for release, allowing the official PlayStation Instagram account moderator to reveal a "Modern Warfare 4" promotional poster hanging up at "Call of Duty" headquarters.

While on-site at "CoD" headquarters to take a look at the next "Call of Duty", the person(s) behind the official PlayStation account on Instagram snapped a quick photo of a promotional poster which appears to reveal the "Modern Warfare 4" release date. While there aren't any logos to be seen on the poster (outside of Activision's in the lower-right-hand corner), the "Ghosts Will Rise" text and accompanying image of a soldier clad in skull mask certainly seems to suggest the return of a fan favorite who has long been thought dead.

Click HERE to see the "Modern Warfare 4" teaser image uploaded to Instagram

The poster appears to show Simon "Ghost" Riley -- despite his apparent murder and cremation in "Modern Warfare 2" -- though it's unclear if players will actually take the role of "Ghost", or if the soldier will simply provide assistance/inspiration throughout whatever campaign makes its debut this November. It's also possible that Activision could finally be moving away from the "Modern Warfare" and "Black Ops" franchises that have dominated much of this console generation, and could be planning to release one or more titles following Ghost before his death in "Modern Warfare 2". Rumors of a "Call of Duty" game centered around Ghost first began to circulate back in 2009, but the apparent "Modern Warfare 4" release date promotional poster revealed by Sony is the first concrete evidence we've seen of such a title.

It's also possible that, given Ghost's special forces background, Activision could be planning to give the British S.A.S. soldier more of the spotlight in a possible "Black Ops 3" release this November. While the publisher has published the "Modern Warfare" and "Black Ops" franchises in alternating years since 2007, it's certainly possible that Activision could be looking to capitalize off the massive success of "Black Ops 2", and recognizes the return of a character previously thought dead could ease the sting of annualization.

The apparent release date revealed by the unidentified "Call of Duty" poster also lines up with previous reports that the "Modern Warfare 4" release date would arrive during the second week of November; though it does point to a typical Tuesday release (11/12) instead of the previously rumored Monday (11/11) launch. It's also unclear if the next "Call of Duty" will be headed to next-generational consoles, or remain exclusive to current devices, with both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox 720 expected on store shelves before year's end.

What do you think of Activision's apparent plans to either revive or explore the back story of Simon "Ghost" Riley in "Modern Warfare 4" this November? Think we'll actually be seeing "Black Ops 3" before the end of 2013? Expecting something else entirely?

Let us know in the comments section!

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