The current issue of Hunger magazine has model Abbey Crouch modeling this season's high-end heels. But it would be difficult to concentrate solely on the footwear, as the model is completely naked in these pictures.

Shot by Rakin, the 10-page spread has the wife of footballer Peter Crouch showcasing her svelte and toned body in various poses. One picture has the WAG spreading her hands above her head, thereby drawing attention to her long legs and washboard abs.

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"LOVE my pictures @rankinphoto @HungerMagazine," tweeted Crouch, who has often been criticized for being too thin. However, these pictures paint a rather healthy image of the mother-of-one who shocked fans back in 2011 by quickly shedding her pregnancy weight.

"I weigh less than I weighed before I had the baby and I'm really happy with my figure," the Daily Mail quoted Crouch as saying at that time.

"I'm lucky to be blessed with good genes. My mum is 51 and hasn't had any work done but she still looks like she could be my sister. She's a goddess," Crouch added.

And if fans thought a strict diet was what's keeping Crouch in shape, she proved them wrong by posting a picture of herself much on a huge hot dog during a magazine shoot early in February this year.

Does constant criticism regarding her frail figure affect her? Yes, the 27-year-old told the Daily Mail. "Everyone is going on about my weight and I hate it. I'm happy with the way I look."

"I don't have the exercise machines at home and all those weird things I keep reading about. I'm not on some weird diet."