A 25-year-old accountant from South Glastonbury, Connecticut has been crowned as the Miss USA Winner 2013. Here's 10 things to know about Erin Brady

1. Miss USA Winner 2013, Erin Brady, won the pageant against 51 beauty queens from every U.S. State and Washington D.C. after answering a question about the U.S. Supreme Court's decision to uphold widespread DNA tests.Without missing a beat, the Connecticut accountant replied: "If someone is being prosecuted and committed a crime, it should happen. There are so many crimes that if that's one step closer to stopping them, then we should be able to do so," per Fox News Latino.

2. As the Miss USA Winner 2013, Erin Brady, will be based in Manhattan and travel the world raising awareness about breast and ovarian cancer.

3. Another cause that Miss Universe Winner 2013, Erin Brady, would like to be involved in is helping children cope with the effects of drug and alcohol abuse. "I grew up in a family influenced by that and I think it's really important to help the children of families that are suffering from those problems," she told The Associated Press.

4. As an accountant who's math-oriented, Miss USA Winner 2013, Erin Brady, hopes that her background will help dispel some of the prejudices some people have against pageants. "I think that now more than ever, they're accepting that we're all intelligent individual and that it's really not a stereotype," she told The Associated Press.

5. Miss USA Winner 2013, Erin Brady, is a finance major from the Central Connecticut State University. During her time at CCSU, she worked full time and received a minor in criminal justice, per the Hartford Courant.

6. Subsequently, Miss USA Winner 2013, Erin Brady, got a late start in pageants because she was busy studying and working. "I couldn't even think about being in beauty pageants," she told the Hartford Courant. "I had no free time and didn't have any extra money and was not mentally in the right state of mind. It's been a struggle, but it shaped who I am. Sometimes I feel like a 25-year-old in a 25-year-old body, but the struggles helped me be better. Being older now I think works to my advantage. I think I have more poise, more life experience, and more maturity.

7. Miss USA Winner 2013, Erin Brady, entered the Miss USA pageant in 2012 but was not prepared for all the requirements of pageantry. Despite her inexperience, she still won first runner-up on her first try, per the Hartford Courant.

8.Brady loves to cook. Her specialty is turkey meatballs with homemade tomato sauce, per the Hartford Courant.

9. The Miss USA Winner 2013, Erin Brady, was given the crown from Miss Maryland Nana Meriwether, who was the first runner-up in the Miss USA 2012 pageant, but assumed the title of Miss USA 2012 when Olivia Culpo was crowned Miss Universe 2012.

10. Miss Universe Winner 2013, Erin Brady, will represent the U.S. at the Miss Universe pageant in Moscow on Nov. 9. Last year's Miss USA, Olivia Culpo, was the first Miss USA to win the international crown in 16 years.

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